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255 pages (Hardcover), published by Lee Jacobs Productions
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Ross Bertram Anecdotes - About Anecdotes
- Let There be Light (Bulbs)
- Marquis
- Russell Swann
- Manuel
- Dai Vernon, Silent Mora and I - 1947-
- From Faucett's Notebook
- Believe It or Not or One For Ripley
- On 'Second' Thought
- Up Our Sleeves
- An Historic Site
- The Quite One
- Getting Henry's Goat
- Frakson
- Frakson, Again
- George Marquis
- Early Vernon
- The Sports Fan
- Wasn't I Lucky!
- And Now
Ross Bertram The Eavesdropping Coin coin vanishes and is produced from ear, repeat 2
Unknown Roll Vanish 2
Ross Bertram Inflation half dollar tossed from hand to hand changes into dime, penny, vanishes 3
Ross Bertram Toss from Left Fingers to Right Sleeve 4
Ross Bertram The Waisted Coin half dollar disappears, reappears under foot 6
Ross Bertram Unflation dime is stretched to silver dollar 8
Ross Bertram Parvum in Multo quarter grows and becomes English penny 11
Ross Bertram The Coin Fold paper secretly torn 14
Ross Bertram Another Coin Fold 16
Ross Bertram Atomized Coin complete vanish with coin ditch in breast pocket 19
Ross Bertram A Note on Optics on retention of vision principle 22
Ross Bertram Bertram Edition 22
Ross Bertram The Bertram Addition coin changes to copper with retention vanish handling 24
Ross Bertram Back Clip Handling 25
Ross Bertram Coin Clipping on coin clips 29
Ross Bertram A "Clip" Holder clip on belt or wrist watch strap 30
Ross Bertram Clip Trip two coins vanish with clip 31
Ross Bertram (4-2-4) four silver coins change to 4 copper coins at once, using spectator's palm 33
Ross Bertram, Dai Vernon The "Drop" (Vanish and Variations) 36
Ross Bertram B.U.D. Bertram Utility Drop, coin dropped Wand Spin type 36
Ross Bertram Voodoo Coin coin cleanly travels from hand to hand 37
Unknown Purse Palm 39
Ross Bertram Terminal Coins using B.U.D.
- Terminal 1 (four coins vanish)
- Terminal 2 (four coins vanish without jacket)
- Terminal 3 (four coins travel to other hand at once)
Ross Bertram The Texas Toppit using western style trouser pockets as topit 44
Ross Bertram Can You Toppit? (Here's how) complete, ditch of coin in trouser pocket 45
Ross Bertram The Penny Pincher coin vanishes, reappears, vanishes completely 46
Ross Bertram Inky Pinky - Hanky Panky two coins vanish completely, one in each hand 50
Ross Bertram Small Change two copper coins shrink, one in each hand 51
Ross Bertram The Elusive Coin in Handkerchief coin vanishes from handkerchief which is then knotted, coin reappears in knot 54
Ross Bertram Flesh Through Metal - Seated Version
- Stand-Up Version
Ross Bertram A Penny for your Thoughts silver changes to copper and back 61
Ross Bertram Bertram's Open, Slow Motion Coin Vanish 65
Ross Bertram Coin Alchemy 66
Ross Bertram Two-Faced double sided coin changes into two separate coins, for magicians 68
Ross Bertram Chameleon Coin hand closed and opened and coin changes, one-handed 70
Ross Bertram Bertram Butterfly Transfer open coin and hidden coin are transferred to other hand 72
Ross Bertram Minus Equals Plus one of three coins removed, comes back to spectator's hand 72
Ross Bertram Fake Pick-Up from Hand coin slid under bigger coin 73
Ross Bertram The Martreb Change 76
Ross Bertram Money Goes East coin changes visibly when tossed from hand to hand, then to jumbo coin 78
Ross Bertram T. Nelson Downs 81
T. Nelson Downs Real Secret of the Miser's Dream 81
Ross Bertram Meet the Experts 82
Ross Bertram Unconventional 82
Ross Bertram The Magic Bug 82
Ross Bertram The Coin Star anecdote 83
Ross Bertram Shell Coins Downs anecdote 83
T. Nelson Downs Downs' Favorite Coin Vanish coin with finger clip 83
Ross Bertram Downs' Coin Vanish (without a gimmick) approach without gimmick by Bertram 84
Ross Bertram The Visitor Downs anecdote 85
T. Nelson Downs The Miser's Dream as I Do It 86
Ross Bertram Another Top Change 90
Ross Bertram A Pet Martreb Double Lift 92
Ross Bertram Subtle Thumb Count as Double Lift get-ready 93
Ross Bertram Push-Offs and Push-Overs A. Basic Position
B. The Push-Off and Turn-Over With One Card
C. The Push-Off and Turn-Over .... Two Cards
D. Another Push-Off Double Lift
Ross Bertram, Edward Marlo The Haunted Deck plastic on thread 97
Ross Bertram An Imperceptible Color Change two cards held one in each hand, they change place 100
Ross Bertram Far Out Double Lift starts with single card that is fed in underneath top cardRelated to 102
Ross Bertram Close-Up Double Lift starts with single card that is fed in underneath top cardRelated to 104
Ross Bertram Card Cannonade deck held in riffle shuffle position, card shoots out 106
Ross Bertram The Shoot-Out four aces shoot out of deck one by one, tabled 107
Ross Bertram With a Silencer card produced by drop-out during tabled running cut 109
Ross Bertram Bertram's Descending Card card inserted in middle sinks to bottom, tabled 110
Ross Bertram A Push-Through Card Control from center to bottom, tabled 110
Ross Bertram Up and Up two times, tabled 112
Ross Bertram Tabled Second Deal 113
Dai Vernon A Vernon False Cut straight cut 114
Ross Bertram Up Front Utility Move ditching card into shirt between buttons 114
Ross Bertram The Revolutionary Card angly 117
Ross Bertram Squeeze four aces produced from air 119
Joseph Cottone Squeeze Production Related to 120
Ross Bertram Aces in Transit four aces transpose with four indifferent cards 122
Ross Bertram Scoop-Up Addition/Switch scooped up with left hand which holds deckRelated to 122
Ross Bertram Silver Aces five indifferent cards put on table one by one, change into Aces and Joker, four coins appear under aces 124
Ross Bertram Bertram Shade Move hiding coin under tabled card when it is turned over with second card 126
Ross Bertram Palming tips 128
Ross Bertram A Top Palm (method #1) from top to left hand cop 129
Ross Bertram A Top Palm (method #2) from top to left hand cop 130
Ross Bertram A Bottom Palm 132
Ross Bertram To Palm a Card from the Middle of the Deck into left hand cop 133
Ross Bertram The Touch Palm tabled deck, one-handed 135
Ross Bertram A Ribbon-Spread Palm tabled 137
Ross Bertram To Palm a Card by its Edge 138
Danny Dew A Commentary on Tenkai 140
Ross Bertram Tenkai Ishida 141
Tenkai Ishida, Ross Bertram The Tenkai Palm Placement correct position 141
Ross Bertram To Palm the Top Card into Tenkai Palm 143
Ross Bertram With a Card in the Tenkai Position what to do while holding out 144
Ross Bertram To Replace the Tenkai-Palmed Card 146
Ross Bertram From the Classic Palm to the Tenkai Palm 147
Ross Bertram To Palm the Top Card and Transfer it to the Tenkai Palm 148
Ross Bertram The Side Steal into Tenkai 148
Ross Bertram Exercise palming bottom card into Tenkai palm and replacing it, Kelly mechanics 148
Ross Bertram TeBe Color Change Variations 150
Unknown Pushing Double through Hand 151
Ross Bertram TeBe Two, Color Change 153
Ross Bertram The Flasher bottom card comes to top, Tenkai Palm Transfer 156
Ross Bertram Tabled Tenkai Palm Replacement 157
Ross Bertram An Uplifting Application 158
Ross Bertram Bertram's Ascending Card tabled deck 160
Ross Bertram Tabled Double Lift 161
Ross Bertram Tabled Tenkai Palm Pivot Replacement 162
Ross Bertram A Tenkai Switch tabled lap sweep 163
Ross Bertram As A Free Force spectator touches his own card in spread, switch 164
Ross Bertram Top Card Switch While Holding Out starts and ends with Tenkai palmed card and deck in left hand 165
Ross Bertram Another Holdout Change 166
Ross Bertram A suggested application spectator cuts to his selection 167
Ross Bertram An Unusual Change using Tenkai Palm 168
Ross Bertram "Stop" 170
Ross Bertram Angles about angles of Tenkai Palm 171
Ross Bertram A Double Color Change one-handed 172
Ross Bertram And Vice-Versa no deck in use 175
Ross Bertram Five Zero Five five card vanish and reproduction with Tenkai Palm 178
Ross Bertram Tenkai Palm Throw Vanish 179
Ross Bertram Transfer Palm with Packet 182
Unknown Tenkai Palm against Body 182
Ross Bertram Production from Tenkai Palm 184
Ross Bertram Summary Tenkai palm comments 186
David (Foote) Drake An Interlude with a Craftsman and Pioneer essay about Ross Bertram 188
Ross Bertram Bertram's Card in Wallet 191
Ross Bertram The Hindu Yarn for stage with thicker yarn 192
Ross Bertram The Wandering Ring ring travels from hand to hand under test conditions, using B.U.D. (Bertram Utility Drop)Inspired by 194
Ross Bertram B.U.D. Bertram Utility Drop, ring dropped Wand Spin type 196
Ross Bertram Hole-y Smoke using coin with hole 199
Ross Bertram Eerie Feller metal bending with nail 202
Ross Bertram Hooked Again hook attached to borrowed coin
- To Apply the Gimmick
- To Remove the Gimmick
Ross Bertram A Hooked Again Sampler - Seated at a Table
- Seated Away from the Table
Ross Bertram Bertram's Bounty torn and restored cigarette paper 206
Ross Bertram The "Welcome" Mat mat that hangs over back of table with servante
- Origin of the Mat
- Ross Bertram's "Welcome" Mat
- My "Welcome" Mat (Its Use and Versatility)
Ross Bertram Cut and Restored Rope using "Welcome" Mat 213
Dr. George E. Casaubon Of One-Hand Cuts and Shuffles - In Defense of One-Hand Cutting
- Origins
- King Charlier
- Cuts and Numbers
- Cards and Techniques
Also published here 218
Ross Bertram The Bertram Cut with variations and additions (including "The Bertram Challenge Cut", "Card Revelation") 220
Dr. George E. Casaubon The Casaubon One-Handed Shuffle overhand style 222
Dr. George E. Casaubon The Pincer Grip Cuts The Pincer Grip and Basic Cut 224
Dr. George E. Casaubon Pincer Grip Possibilities A. Middle to top Pincer Cut
B Mixing the Middle Pincer Cut
C. Pincer Packet Control
D. The Insertion Pincer Cut
E. The Shark Bite Pincer Cut
F. The Pincer Grip Shuffle
Related toAlso published here 226
Dr. George E. Casaubon One-Hand Table Cuts commentary 227
Ross Bertram A Triple Fancy Table Cut Related to 228
Dr. George E. Casaubon A Stand-Up One-Hand Table Cut or Shuffle 228
Dr. George E. Casaubon One-Hand Throw Cuts - The Rock-a-Bye Cut
- The Somersault Throw Cut
Dr. George E. Casaubon A Selected Bibliography on one-handed cuts 231
Earl Ray Wilcox Ace to Case 232
Unknown Leaving Top Card in Case 232
Faucett Ross Three Cards Across 233
Conrad C. Bush Think of a Card - Blank Deck Method counting procedure with double blank cards and dots 233
Murray Sumner A Bill Offering folded bill inserted into metal tab from can, penetrationVariations 234
Faucett Ross The Fate of a Borrowed Coin to metal box 236
C. W. Stanford Detex cards reversed with one-handed cut, aces shown with straight flush around them in deck 237
C. W. Stanford Charlier Cut Card Production 238
Sam Leo Horowitz The Horowitz Reversal Card Trick 240
Sam Leo Horowitz, June Horowitz, Trevor Lewis Double Trouble weird effect 240
Unknown Bottom Slip Cut 241
Faucett Ross A Questionable Miracle 243
Charles (Chuck) Kohrs Brainstorm though of card predicted in bag, using cloth bag with cards printed on it, two handlings 243
Charles T. Jordan Red-Black Shuffle 243
Peter Warlock Demain's Deception essay about Jack Demain and one-handed back clip production of coin 246
Ross Bertram The Way of All Flesh palming tip 248
Ross Bertram Dry Hands tip 248
Ross Bertram Saliva tip 248
Ross Bertram Reflections mirror practice tip 249
Ross Bertram Don't Kill the Audience, or Yourself on structuring effects 249
Ross Bertram Who are we Fooling? 249
Ross Bertram Little Things Mark the Professional 249
Ross Bertram The Rhythm Count tip 250
Ross Bertram A Tip on Card Handling - Picking Up The Deck
- Picking Up a Single Card
Ross Bertram It Pays Off 251
Ross Bertram Coin Handling Picking Up A Coin (Showing both sides, Showing one side only) 252
Ross Bertram Cups and Balls board to perform on 253
Ross Bertram Food for Thought interview 254