Written by Tom Sellers

Work of Tom Sellers

24 pages (Stapled), published by The Magic Wand Office
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Sellers.
Language: English

(22 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tom Sellers The Spirit Guide thought of number vanishes from a card, this number was predicted as well 5
Unknown Envelope Switch double lift 6
Tom Sellers A Paddle Routine with chalk, paddle gaff with two ends 6
Tom Sellers The Impromptu Rising Card alternative handling with wax 7
Tom Sellers The Elongated Cigarette 7
Tom Sellers New Rising Cards deck wrapped in newspaper, duplicates 8
Tom Sellers Flip Flap top half hurtles away and selection is seen face up 9
Tom Sellers The Tell Tale Scytale prediction with a scytale 9
Tom Sellers The Ribbon Pyramid confetti vanish in a bowl, ribbons appear which remain suspended in the form of a pyramid over the bowl 10
Tom Sellers Two Silks Vanish three handkerchiefs in the closed hand, two vanish 11
Tom Sellers Off And On Again ribbon is removed from a gift box and under cover the ribbon appear again tied around the box, shell 11
Tom Sellers Change Over Cards two different colored cards in two envelopes change places 12
Tom Sellers The Jumping Ring knotted ring jumps to another knotRelated to 13
Tom Sellers The T.S. Find the Lady in the hands, gaffed 16
Tom Sellers Winged Cigarettes cigarettes across with two bags, folding cigarettes 17
Tom Sellers On Again - Off again linking and unlinking safety pinsAlso published here 18
Tom Sellers Balls and Pillar two balls with a hole are slid over a pillar, a third ball vanishes and appears between the others 18
Tom Sellers An Old Trick Simplified three spectator select a color disc and an amount of business cards, all is divined 20
Tom Sellers The Winner name of racehorses in envelopes, one is predicted 22
Tom Sellers It's Just Chance - Another Version five envelopes, with a stand 23
Tom Sellers The Name of the Slate slate is covered with white chalk, when washed, name of card remains, flap 23
Tom Sellers Living and Dead rough/glazed paper 24