Written by Allan Ackerman

Work of Allan Ackerman

46 pages (Hardcover), published by Paul Diamond
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Roger Klause Foreward 3
Allan Ackerman Introduction 4
Allan Ackerman, John Cornelius Change of Mind one of five, kickerVariations 5
Allan Ackerman The General's Universal Card gaffedVariations 6
Allan Ackerman Minuscule Deck prediction with deck vanish (and optional reproduction), inspired by Kosky routine from Talisman, Nov. 1970Variations 8
Unknown No-Break Classic Force injog 8
Allan Ackerman Added Thoughts on the Minuscule Deck Method 1: Deck from lap into pocket
Method 2: Packet changes into complete deck
Allan Ackerman Slip Shod for setting up a Zarrow 12
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly Related to 15
Allan Ackerman Next to Last Ace into caseInspired by 17
Allan Ackerman Ultra Mental (Minimal Gaffus) 18
Theodore Annemann Mental Masterpiece carbon paper box 18
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks suggestion brainwave with impression device preshow 19
Edward Marlo Marlo's Brainwave Suggestion suggestion to Ackerman's "Ultra Mental" 20
Allan Ackerman Small Change combo 21
Al Schneider Pick up Move 21
Allan Ackerman Axing the Aces backs of aces change color 24
Unknown Line Crimp seen from back of tabled deck 24
Allan Ackerman Mass Transit only one palm 26
Edward Marlo Pocket Palm Transfer Related to 27
Allan Ackerman Simplex Travelers 29
Unknown Gambler's Cop brief 29
Allan Ackerman C.T.A. 30
Allan Ackerman Suggestions handling tips 31
Allan Ackerman Color Triumphant color changing deck climax 32
Allan Ackerman Lunch several methods for "One-Eyed Jacks" sandwich effect, with loading techniques
Tilted Sandwich:
- Gaffed
- Ungaffed #1
- Ungaffed #2
The Ultimate Approach:
- The Load In
- The Palm Switch
- The No Palm Approach
- Ungaffed #3
Variations 34
Unknown Partial Step Gaff partial back glued on face card 35
Edward Marlo Push Off Double Lift brief 37
John Cornelius The John Cornelius Fan Steal right tenkaiAlso published here 38
Allan Ackerman The Palm Switch sandwiched card (really only a step gaff) exchanged for palmed card 40
Frank Kelly, Joseph Ovette Kelly Bottom Placement brief 41
Allan Ackerman Extension gaff with pivotal section 42
Allan Ackerman The Last Word some more ideas on structure and credit information 44