Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

32 pages (Stapled), published by The Gutenberg Press
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Four As Three The Basic Count, pullback actionRelated to 1
Karl Fulves Modified Count simplified "Four As Three" 3
Karl Fulves Front and Back showing both sides while hiding a card 4
Karl Fulves Middle Monte extra card, color changing back kicker 5
Karl Fulves Simplex Trap card in sandwich transforms into selection 6
Karl Fulves Mexican Monte monte/twist combo with unexpected/funny cards appearingRelated toVariations 8
Karl Fulves Five As Four pullback action 10
Karl Fulves A la Hofzinser 11
Karl Fulves Unmix 2&2 12
Karl Fulves Equilibrium two reds and two blacks face-up/face-down, the blacks become red one by one 13
Karl Fulves Reverse Five As Four pullback action 16
Karl Fulves Combination Count 17
Karl Fulves Gaffed Cards new type of flap card to vanish a card 17
Karl Fulves Maximum Leader 2&2 oil water, twisting, then all backs change to various colors 18
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 while hiding oneRelated to 22
Karl Fulves Quick Chameleon black selection made, five reds removed, one turns over and changes into black selection 24
Karl Fulves Progressive Aces joker between aces turned over, then aces follow one by one, posed as problem, for solution see referenceVariations 25
Karl Fulves Pullback 5-As-5 25
Karl Fulves Simplex Switch Related to 27
Karl Fulves One Hand 4-As-3 one-handed spread 29
Karl Fulves Instant Printing blank card between jokers transforms into named ace, several approaches, including ace with three different indices 30
Karl Fulves Final Notes 32