Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

44 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Combinations 1
Karl Fulves An Appearance poker and bridge deck, selection made in poker size deck, decks touched, selection jumps visibly into bridge deck 3
Karl Fulves Some Basic Techniques 3
Karl Fulves Disposal Technique getting bridge size card out of poker size deck 4
Karl Fulves Meltdown poker size card placed in bridge size deck vanishes 4
Karl Fulves One From Two two cards from poker deck put in bridge size deck, named one vanishes and travels back 5
Karl Fulves Club Duo two poker cards vanish from bridge size deck reappear reversed in poker size deck 7
Karl Fulves Impromptwo poker size card placed in bridge size deck vanishes or shrinks to bridge size 9
Karl Fulves An Expansion Sandwich two poker size cards sandwich a bridge size card which expands to poker size 10
Karl Fulves Here and There selection from poker size deck jumps into bridge deck and back, visitor 11
Karl Fulves Expansion of Matter bridge card sandwiched between poker size cards expands
- Brutus Method
- Sit-Down Approach
- Sneak Attack
Karl Fulves Sundry Tricks chapter intro 13
Karl Fulves SIze Wise any bridge size card placed face-to-face with poker size ace of clubs becomes also ace of clubs 16
Karl Fulves Note To Close 17
Karl Fulves Part Two 18
Karl Fulves Drink This Inspired by 19
Karl Fulves Noted in Passing "semi-double-index card" 24
Karl Fulves Shape Changers card visually transposes with half card (torn piece), second method
- One Any-Deck Method
- The Other Any-Deck Method
Related to 25
Karl Fulves Hallucinating Pip optical illusion in which center pip of ace of diamonds stretches and shrinks 34
Karl Fulves Blind Ambition one card penetrates another 34
Father Cyprian, Karl Fulves Rule 42 full card placed into packet of half cards vanishes
- Karl Fulves Notes
- Cyprian/Fulves Method
Karl Fulves Connections ideas with half cards 43
Karl Fulves Stretch Ref 44