Written by J. B. Bobo

Work of Various

519 pages (Hardcover), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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J. B. Bobo Tools of the Trade tips on (classic) palming 354
J. B. Bobo Technique on routining coin magic 355
Unknown Change in a Spectator's Hand half dollar to chinese coin 356
J. B. Bobo The Come and Go Coin coin appears from handkerchief, penetrates it and vanishes (originally from Gen) 357
Albert Goshman The Goshman Pinch Tenkai not mentioned 359
Howard Schwarzman The Instantaneous Coin Change visibly when tossed, pinchRelated to 361
Albert Goshman Impossible Marked Coins Transposition two marked coins change places twice 362
Tenkai Ishida The Tenkai Pennies Variations 363
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Pennies Point Transfer 363
Edward Marlo Copsil copper coin introduced later (originally from Linking Ring) 364
Unknown Moveless False Transfer 366
Unknown Visible Change 367
Edward Marlo Copsil II - Stand-Up Version with "Alternative Stand-Up Ending" 367
Slydini Psychological Coins Through (originally from MUM & Gen) 369
C. L. Schmitt Stand-up Coins Across using sleeve (originally from Linking Ring) 371
Herb Zarrow Penny and Nickel Transposition Inspired by 373
Milton Kort The Placement 374
Milton Kort, Dave Hertzberg In the Well Variations 375
Milton Kort, Hugh MacLean Under the Thumb 375
Kirk Stiles The Cartwheel Sleight for one or more coinsVariations 376
Bob Carver Progressive Production five coins producedVariations 377
Jack Chanin Coins from Silk TV production 378
Sam Leo Horowitz The Six Coins In Goblet six coins produced one by one, they then travel from hand to glass (originally from Sphinx) 379
Milton Kort Kort's Fourth Sympathetic Coins, on handkerchief with four cardboard covers, copper transformation kicker 382
Dr. Jacob Daley Motile sympathetic coins, on handkerchief (originally in Phoenix)Related to 383
Unknown Sliding Steal 384
Silent Mora The Waiter's Tip retention vanish underneath corner of handkerchief 386
Milbourne Christopher "Silver Lining" half dollar from rolled billAlso published here 387
Glenn Harrison Dollar Flight both hands cover a dollar coin on table, one travels to the other 389
Royal H. Brin, Jr. Stand-Up Coin Opener two coins in left hand, one travels to right and is put in pocket, then travels back 389
Frank Ducrot, Stewart Judah Frank Ducrot's Coin Fold 390
Eddie Joseph Handkerchief Coin Vanish bluff 392
Al Leech Al Leech's Coin Trick spellbound with surprise ending 393
Al Baker The Great Purse Game two silver coins put in purse change to copper, originally a con game 395
John Brearley The Passe Coins two copper and 2 silver coins change place in purses 397
Tom Osborne Passing the Buck four coins produced from four cards, they then travel around under cards
- Bobo Variation
Related to 399
Milton Kort The Mexican Gadabout Coins with purse in which coins travels back at the end, two handlingsInspired by 405
Jerry McDermott Nuts To You surprising final load 406
Jack Chanin Rip-o coin torn through borrowed handkerchief 407
Glenn Harrison Vanishing Coins and Purse purse vanishes underneath handkerchief, leaving frame behind 409
Unknown Follow-up Effect combinationInspired by 410
Silent Mora Chinese Money Trick chinese coin is stretched, then formed into man-like coin (originally from Sphinx) 411
Mike Rogers Pouring Pennies Through a Table glass of pennies is poured through table, bottomless glass 412
Terry Lynn The Seven Penny Trick seven coins counted into spectator's hand, one magically removed, repeated twiceRelated toVariations 413
John Giordmaine The Runaway Coin ten coins counted into spectator's hand, one travels to performer 414
John Braun Penny Prestidigitation combination routine with seven pennies 414
Unknown Coin Concealment showing both sides of card while hiding coinRelated to 415
Jack Chanin Dollar to Dollar dollar coin cleanly transforms into dollar bill 416
Stewart Judah Half Dollar Vanish coin vanishes when stick is pushed through hand, sticky 417
Howard Schwarzman Thumb Tax four half dollars and penny produced 419
Howard Schwarzman Wanderful coin production for stand up 420
Howard Schwarzman A Wanderful Production four coins produced with wand, vanished and reproduced with handkerchief, shower of coins as finale 420
Richard N. Oslund Rising Coin Through Handkerchief 422
J. B. Bobo A Funny Finish for a Coin Routine dividing ten coins between boys and performer, boys get nothing 423
Paul Morris The Camera Coin coin between two double blank cards vanishes and leaves behind print, print becomes silver confetti 423
Carl Herrmann, Unknown Paddle Move 424
Unknown Coin to Confetti 426
T. Nelson Downs An Extra Load for the Miser's Dream getting a forty coin load, described by John Mulholland 426
Neil Foster Climax to the Coin Pail big final load 426
Harry Louine The Miser's Dream with Paper Bag 427
Rolland Hamblen A Surprising Routine marked coin, silver extracted and becomes transparent, original coin in box 428
Charles Penton The Penton Coin Switch as coin is taken from spectator 429
J. B. Bobo A Lippincott Coin Box Routine borrowed coin travels to box 430
Unknown The Dam Coin Trick coin through dental dam 430
Charlie Miller The Miller Routine For The Miser's Dream with "Some Additional Tips" (originally from Genii) 433
J. B. Bobo Trick Coin Miscellany on the use of trick coins 437
Unknown The New Folding Half 438
Unknown Spinning Nickels fall onto one side when spun 438
Unknown Magnetic Coins 438
Unknown Regular Shell Coins 438
Unknown Expanded Shells 438
Unknown Squirting Coins 438
Unknown Stack of Halves 438
Unknown The Chinese Quarter double sided coin with chinese side 439
Conrad H. Haden Dime to English Penny 439
Unknown The New Quarter and Half Dollar Transposition gaffed versionInspired by 439
Albert Goshman The Sun and Moon 440
Conrad H. Haden The Silver and Two Copper Transposition including "Alternate Version"Variations 442
Sam Leo Horowitz A Quarter and A Half half dollar and quarter become two half dollar and back 444
John Mulholland Quarter and Half Routine 445
Conrad H. Haden A Surprise Routine with the $1.35 Trick 447
James T. Stoppard Stoppard's Peregrinating Coins coin produced from purse frame, travel to glass, placed in purse frame 447
Walter Rollins Coins Through Table four different sized coins, into glassRelated to 450
Stewart Judah The Coins and the Matchbooks coins travel around underneath matchbooks 452
J. B. Bobo The Stack of Nickels and Die die placed on stack and covered, betting game that die can be moved underneath, sucker element 453
J. B. Bobo The Stack of Quarters 455
Milton Kort Magnetic Stack of Quarters 457
Stewart Judah Chinatown Dollar Routine chinese coin and dollar are in handkerchief on table, one coin removed, they transpose in various phasesVariations 459
Horace Goldin The Witch-Doctor's Coin chinese coin and string routine, two routines (originally from Sphinx) 463
J. B. Bobo Coin on the Stick chinese coin 466
Stewart Judah A Copper and Silver Release coins threaded on string, penny and dime set 468
Stewart Judah The Magic Coin Block Routine trick with dealer's item 469
Gerald Bruning The Flash Silver and Copper silver and copper coin wrapped in flash paper in ash tray, lighted, copper penetrates ash tray 471
C. Thomas Magrum Quick Change dollar to half dollar to copper, vanishes, dollar reappears bent and is straightened 472
Charles Smith Knickle Head nickel on forehead, has huge thumbtack/nail on back when removedAlso published here 473
John Giordmaine The Big Nickel borrowed nickel changes into giant coin
- An Alternate Effect
Rolland Hamblen The Photo Coins coin travels from one hand to other, paper between coins, selected card appears on paper 475
J. A. Bowling The Bowling Coin Wand 477
Paul Morris Nail Through Half Dollar (originally from Hugard's Magic Monthly) 478
U. F. Grant Zella's Space Coins (originally from New Phoenix)Also published here 480
U. F. Grant The Phantom Coins two methodsAlso published here 481
U. F. Grant The Queen Bows coin penetrates tray and falls into glass underneath 482
Edward Marlo, Takeshi Nemoto Hanktration coin visibly penetrates handkerchief and falls into glass 483
Ron Bauer Made In Japan 485
Louis Tannen Blasted coin penetrates inverted glass which is on gaffed trayRelated to 486
Louis Tannen Blasted, Jr. 488
J. B. Bobo Latest Coin Box Magic introduction 489
J. B. Bobo Al-'N-Nate with hole and no lid, coins disappear from within and penetrate a silk or table 489
John Mulholland The Mulholland Box cross-breeding of Okito and Al-'N-Nate
- To Cause Six Coins to Disappear Inside A Closed Box
- To Return The Six Coins to the Box
- Coin Penetrating Box and Hand
- Another Coin Penetration
Milton Kort Paul Fox Coin Cups Routine coins penetrate cup and hand, then cup penetrates and coins remain 495
Milton Kort, Walter Wilson, Ron Bauer The O-Korto Box Routine coins penetrate hand, spectator cannot place coins into box, box penetrates hand and coins remain, two routinesRelated to 497
Kirk Stiles A Coin Box Routine 500
Milton Kort, Cass Dmuchowski Okito Change for a Half half dollar in box changes to quarter, two dimes and a nickel, two versions 503
Milton Kort, Ron Bauer Gag Penetration with an Okito Box coin becomes bigger as it penetrates box 504
Gerald Bruning Okito Box Glittering Finale stream of glittering silver particles pours out of box 504
Stewart Judah "Mystic Coins" Routine coins and chrome cap 506
John J. Lind A Stopper with the Okito Coin Box coin vanishes from box and reappears cleanly, uses card in handling 507
Oran Bailey Dent Okito Box Coin Vanish 509