Written by Robert A. Nelson

Work of Robert A. Nelson

60 pages (Paperback), published by Nelson Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Robert A. Nelson Dedication 5
Robert A. Nelson Foreword 6
Robert A. Nelson A. T. and T. Telepathy selected card is divined by a called person, freely selected in the phone book 7
Stewart Judah Sealed Billet Reading De Luxe card, number and city written on cards which are put in sealed envelopes, all are divined 8
Richard Lindahl Psychic Match Mystery card is selected which has the same value as the amount of secretly moved matches 9
Fredric Kolb Dead Name Duplication name is written on a card and sealed in an envelope, performer does the same, and they match 10
Fredric Kolb Envelope Switch and Peek 10
Dr. H. Walter Grote Telepathy vs. Coincidence thought of card and unknown selected card is divined, written on paper 11
Al O'Hagan Turn Over Pellet Switch billet switch, one handed 15
Orville Wayne Meyer The Green Hand writing appears on initialed paper 15
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Impromptu Change Bag paper bag, for switching stuff, forcing 17
Robert A. Nelson A Subtle Touch with the Change Bag 18
Robert A. Nelson Spirit Flashes in the Dark burning balls of red fire 18
U. F. Grant Zella Prediction Trick one card selected, one thought of, prediction written on one card, it's the selection with the thought of card written on itRelated to 19
Paul Curry Out Of This Phone Book book, opened freely, line is forced, Franklin V. Taylor's peek deck principle with a bookRelated toAlso published here 20
L. Vosburgh Lyons Number Force forcing nine 21
Robert A. Nelson Radar Pencil Mental Routine one of four cards is picked up secretly, card is detected, radar pencil 22
U. F. Grant Improved Three Way Forcing handling for forcing three cards with a three way forcing deck 22
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Cigar Change Box billet switching box, similar to Otis Manning's "The OM Billet Switching Box" from Annemann's "Practical Mental Magic" 23
Robert A. Nelson, Dr. H. Walter Grote The Twenty-First Stunner ungaffedInspired by 23
Unknown The Jap Handkerchief Box as a switching device for a few billets 24
Jack Vosburgh Colorvoyance shape or number is written down with one of three colors, both is divined 25
Jack Vosburgh Impression Device carbon paper, coin envlopes 25
Norm Cummins Clean Out Slate Test four cards added, number appears on slates 26
Unknown Card Force with Matchbox big matchbox, card force 26
Dr. Edward G. Ervin One Man Blackboard Test dead person is written on a billet and burnt, name is divinedAlso published here 28
Harlan Tarbell Postal Inspection card is placed in envelope and divined, peek envelope 30
Jos. Kellar Ghost Eyes cards and billets are put in a bag and read in the darkness 30
Al O'Hagan Frame Of Mind empty frame, person is written on paper and divined, powder and glass impression divice 31
Dr. H. Walter Grote Try This On Your Piano on a pianoInspired by 32
Dr. H. Walter Grote Mental Perception spectator thinks of a card in the fan, force 32
Hen Fetsch Double Knockout! four numbers are added and predicted, first appeared in the "Linking Ring" 1942 33
Capt. Jones Screwey Card Location 35
Eddie Clever Out Of the Ether medium in other room reveals, chosen card, words etc. 36
Unknown Crystal Ball spectator sees information in crystal ball 37
Bruce Elliott Change! Thought! Coincidence! card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted on three different colored cardboards 38
Wilbur T. Kattner The Eight Key to Baldpate keys in envelopes, duplicate key 42
Unknown Envelope Switch flap removed, similar to Alan Shaxon's envelope switch 42
Hen Fetsch Future Hue card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted board with three different colorsRelated to 44
Hen Fetsch Past Present and Future card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted by a medium on different colored papers 46
William Larsen Subtle Prediction Idea prediction in envelope, held by assistant 49
Dr. William T. Palchinas, George G. Kaplan A Sensational Prediction five cards shuffled in houlette and placed on a stand each, four removed, last one is predictedInspired by 50
John Booth E-Z Mindreading toy telephone to transmit six selected cards to medium 53
Unknown Coin Location coin in hand hold to forehead and then hold next to the other hand, hand with object is located 55
Eddie Clever What You Can Do With Nelson's Thunderbolt Deck no explantation of the thunderbolt deck
1. i'll read your mind
2. the prophet again
3. direct my hand
4. master effect
5. "stop!""
6. three thinkers
Andrew Smythe Mentalism With Alphabet Cards word is divined 60
Robert A. Nelson Wrinkles and Subtle Touches - named card in pocket
- do as i do, with mindreading presentation
- making envelopes see through