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Al Mann Foreward
Al Mann Millard Longman short biography 1
Millard Longman Acidus Novus method for reading information on folded cardRelated toVariations 2
Millard Longman A Double-Barrel Effect mixture between Acidus Novus and a center tear 3
Al Mann Al Mann short biography 4
Al Mann The Azonic Force peek for reading several information on a billet 5
Orville Wayne Meyer A Letter From Orville Meyer different fold for Mann's The Azonic Force 7
Bobby Hughes The Hughes Move handling variation for Mann's The Azonic Force 8
Unknown From the Thirteen Mann's The Azonic Force mixed with Larry Becker's Zip Code trick 8
Bob Haines Shades of Bert Resse several billets are read with Mann's "The Azonic Force", one ahead 9
Al Mann The Azonic Rent method for the center tear, based on Mann's "The Azonic Force" 10
Al Mann Acidus Plus - A History 12
Al Mann A Casual Letter part of a letter by Millard Longman about the Acidus and Acidus Novus 12
Al Mann The Thirteen anecdote of New York City Magic Club "The Thirteen", members are Bob Haines, Charles Reynolds, Dennis Marks and others, in conjunction with Acidus Novus and The Azonic Force 13
Al Mann The Secret of Abonutichus message reading from sealed envelope, like a center tearRelated to 14