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Al Mann Foreward on mind-over-matter effects
Al Mann Pyro-Sorcery newspaper starts burning by willpower, eight methods 1
Unknown Arrested Oxidation paper does not burn until performer wants to 5
Unknown The Shattering Chalice glass shatters in bag, two methodsRelated to 6
Unknown Devil's Tears Rubert's Drops, no method 6
Unknown The Devil's Flask Bologna Flask, no method 7
Richard Himber The Iron Duchess filled wine glass explodes in hand 8
Al Mann The Ghost Bullet gimmick for shattering glasses or light bulps 9
Al Mann The Pulverized Window Pane car window breaks with same gimmick as above 9
Ted Lesley The Glass Key keys put in glass, glass explodes keys are bent 10
Al Mann Notes other ways to break a glass and bend keys 10
Al Mann The Falling Block block of wood falls, discussion on different methodsRelated to
  • Ed Mellon's MentalWise, Vol. II #12 and Vol. III #1, and George Arrowsmith's idea with playing cards "Arrowsmith's Assorted Myseries", Tom Fitzgerald's "A Block from the Wall of Jericho" in Sam Dalal'
Al Mann Cosmic Notion pendulums with different lengths are hanging in a frame, chosen pendulums begin to move 13
Al Mann Remote Psycho-Motion pendulum in bottle begins to swing without touching the bottle nor the table with the hands 15
Al Mann The Long Range Control other version 16
Al Mann The Psychic Tray three pendulums in three bottles on a tray, spectator thinks of one, which begins to swing 16
Al Mann For the Researcher chain of people, one holds a pendulum it begins to swing when any (?) person in the group thinks of the pendulumRelated to
  • Frank Lind's "My Occult Case Book"
Al Mann An Experiment why a pendulum works and howRelated to
  • Ormond McGill's "Psychic Magic" Vol. 6
Al Mann The Cobra snake charming a cobra, the psychology of the cobraRelated to 18
Al Mann The Snake-Charmer-Magician how to charm a snake, what cobra to use and how to treat them 19
Al Mann The Mongoose how a mongoose kills a cobra 20
Al Mann The Troupe review of a show of professional magicians in Bangkok 21
Al Mann The Cobra Act how to train a cobra not to bite your hand 22
Al Mann The Living Death Al Mann on how he ordered a Cobra for the Cobra act 23