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24 pages (Stapled), published by Corinda's Magic Studio

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Tony Corinda Different Types of Writers A. Described as "The Swami Gimmick"
B. Described as "C" Type
C. Described as The Band Writer
D. Described as the Overnail Writer
E. Described as an "Adhesive Writer" (Eric Mason's Boon)
F. Described as The Thumbtip Nailwriter
Related to 4
Tony Corinda Points to Consider with All Types on nail writer 6
Tony Corinda How to Use Your Swami Gimmick 6
Tony Corinda (a) Getting the Gimmick Into Position For Use swami holdouts, and where to ditch it afterwards 6
Tony Corinda (b) How to Handle the Gimmick When It Is On 8
Tony Corinda (c) How to Write On - The Right Type of Card 8
Tony Corinda (d) How to Hold the Card Before, During and After Writing 8
Unknown An Opening Effect of Mentalism number is predicted, written on a card 9
Tony Corinda (e) The Technique of Writing 10
Tony Corinda (f) The Style of Writing and What to Write 10
Tony Corinda Section Two: Special Techniques 11
Tony Corinda (a) The Use of Different Colours 11
Theodore Annemann (b) The Window Envelope in combination with a swami 12
Tony Corinda (c) The Carbon Impression Technique for sealed envelopes, also with "No Carbon Required" paperRelated to 12
Tony Corinda (d) The Ink Writer 13
Tony Corinda (e) Preparation of the Prediction for window envelopes and other swami predictions 13
Tony Corinda (f) The Fingernail best length to wear a swami and the treatment of it 14
Tony Corinda (g) Alternative Methods of Holding the Card Related to
  • Frank Chapman and Ralph Read's "20 Stunners with a Nailwriter", 1944
Tony Corinda (h) The Visible Pencil 15
Tony Corinda Section Three: Modesty and Mentalism Mixed exceptional uses of nail writer, Henry Slade, Madam Dis Debar, Carl Franks, Keeler, Chung Ling Soo 16
Tony Corinda Conclusion on the nail writer 16
Tony Corinda No. 1. The Spectator as the Telepathist spectator receives performer's number figure by figure 17
Tony Corinda No. 2. First Variation of the No. 1 Principle spectator receives a thought of name 17
Tony Corinda, Burling Hull No. 3. Second Variation of the No. 1 Principle slip of paper is sealed between two pennies, spectator receives a though of date 17
Tony Corinda No. 4. Straight to the Point thought of number or amount of change is predicted 18
Tony Corinda No. 5. A Stage Trick color, city and date are predicted on three numbered cards 18
Tony Corinda No. 6. spectator is selected with ping pong ball, named place is predicted in an envelope 18
Tony Corinda No. 7. A Card Trick unknown card is marked with initials of the spectator, who finds that card by coincidence 19
Al Baker No. 8. Living and Dead. 19
Tony Corinda No. 9. A Close up Quickie date of a coin is predicted 19
Tony Corinda No. 10. Two Person Telepathy medium in other room gets a selected word from a bookInspired by
  • Frank Chapman and Ralph Read's "20 Stunners with a Nailwriter", 1944
Unknown No. 11. A Mediumistic Effect message from a dead personRelated to
  • Joseph Rinn's " Searchlight of Psychical Research", 1954
Tony Corinda No. 12. Time and Space, An Informal Effect imaginary trip 20
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason No. 13. The Card in Glass card with prediction put in a glass, hole in glassRelated to 21
Tony Corinda No. 14. The Week Ahead Prediction window envelope in second envelope, sent prediction 21
Tony Corinda No. 15. Another Publicity Stunt sent prediction of the name of an audience member 22
Aage Darling, Tony Corinda No. 16. The Seven Chairs Inspired by 22
Tony Corinda No. 17. Any Date of the Year two calendars, spectator and performer mark the same date 22
Tony Corinda 18. The White Swami writing appears between two slates 22
Tony Corinda No. 19. The Sex Detector sent prediction of the sex of a baby 23
Tony Corinda No. 20. Headline Predictions 23
Tony Corinda No. 21. Topical Effects prediction of sport results 23
Tony Corinda No. 22. A First Class Newspaper Test selected word of a newspaper is predicted 23
Tony Corinda No. 23. Dartboard Prediction prediction of the total score 24
Tony Corinda No. 24. Matches or Cigarettes prediction of the amount of spectator's cigarettes or matches 24