Written by Frederick Braue, Jean Hugard

Work of Various

292 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Francis J. Rigney.
Language: English

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Unknown The Overhand Shuffle 3
Unknown Controling the Top Card 5
Unknown Controling the Bottom Card 6
Unknown Retaining the Top and Bottom Card in Position 6
Unknown The Run single card run 7
Unknown Top Card next to bottom Card and back to the top 7
Unknown The Injog basic handling for overhand shuffle 8
Unknown The Undercut cutting to the Injog 8
Unknown Overhand Shuffle Control 9
Unknown Overhand False Shuffle 10
Unknown Topsy-Turvy Cards 13
Unknown Bottom Reverse bottom card stays in place as deck is turned over 14
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve crude handling 14
Unknown A Poker Player's Picnic no-touch, little bit of dealing involvedRelated toVariationsAlso published here 16
Unknown Open Cull while looking through the deck, crudeVariations 16
Unknown A Pocket Discovery deck in pocket, card produced at named number 18
Unknown Telepathy Plus one of five, simple 21
Unknown Thought Stealer progressive set upVariations 23
Unknown Pinkie does it 25
Unknown A Card and a Number card is found at number which was "dealt" by spectator before 26
Unknown The Riffle Shuffle 28
Unknown Retaining a Card at the Top of the Deck 30
Unknown Retaining the Bottom Card or Cards 30
Unknown Riffle Shuffle in the Air 31
Unknown An Instinct for Cards one suit in orderVariations 32
Jack McMillen Mirror of the Mind suit together 34
Unknown Ultra Card Divination 34. position, ten backwards count 35
Unknown Displaying the Top Card three handlings 37
Unknown The Ruffle riffling one-handed, two-handed and with single card 39
Unknown The Click bottom card click 41
Unknown Spread and Turnover on cloth-covered table & bare table 42
Unknown Springing the Cards 44
Unknown Gathering the Ribbon-Spread Pack 45
Unknown A Flourish Count 46
Unknown Throwing a Card 47
Unknown Waterfall Shuffle 48
Unknown The Fan 49
Unknown One-Hand Fan wide type 50
Unknown Thumb Fan 51
Unknown Pressure Fan 52
Unknown The Glide 53
Unknown Design for Laughter Related toVariations 54
Unknown The Observation Test Variations 56
Unknown Bottom-Card Glimpse three methods 59
Unknown Top-Card Glimpse I 61
Unknown Fan Peek glimpsing a card in center of small packet fan 62
Unknown Gray's Spelling Trick 63
Unknown Round and Round down-under-deal 66
Unknown The Key Undercut see also applications 69
Unknown Key Undercut Shuffle shuffling after placement 69
Unknown Do as I Do 70
Paul Rosini The Three Piles key card 71
Unknown The Twenty-Sixth Card remote key 73
Unknown Remote Key 73
Unknown A Meeting of the Minds remote key, alomst challenge 74
Unknown The Non-Poker Voice no-touch, suit 76
Unknown Intuition with Cards two card initialed, spectator and magician each chose them 78
Unknown Sliding Key Card under-spread placement 80
Unknown Top Palm, I (Single Card) 83
Unknown Top Palm, II (Several Cards) 86
Unknown Palm Glimpse glimpsing palmed card 88
Unknown Replacing Palmed Cards two methods 88
Unknown Card in the Pocket from top stock 90
Unknown Flying Palm card is thumbed off and palmed... context 91
Unknown Now You See It! palm sectionRelated to 92
Unknown one of four 94
Unknown Grab-Bag Card cards are withdrawn from packet, remaining card is selection 96
Unknown Good-Luck Card magician sits on card 98
Unknown Do it and Fail red black dealing sequence 100
Unknown Gathering of the Clan Nomad style 102
Unknown Spring Catch 105
Unknown A Vested Interest actually card to vest 105
Unknown Piano Trick 106
Unknown The Backslip slip cut right side 109
Unknown Backslip Control 110
Unknown Backslip Force slip type 110
Unknown Lightning Card 111
Unknown The Tantalizer twenty-second position and packet dealingRelated toVariations 112
Unknown Under Your Hat 114
Unknown Injog and Break 116
Unknown Overhand Break Control 117
Unknown Overhand Lift Shuffle 117
Unknown Lift Shuffle Force 119
Unknown Spread and Break securing a break at selection 120
Unknown Holding a Break 121
Unknown Spread and Break Control getting in Overhand Shuffle Position 122
Unknown The Sevens Related to 123
Unknown Obliging Aces 125
Unknown Leapfrog leaps into view 126
Unknown Spectator's Card Trick 127
Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner A Poker Puzzle Related to 129
Charlier Charlier Shuffle 131
Unknown Optical Shuffle 131
Unknown The Cut several methods 133
Unknown Second Method 134
Unknown Third Method 134
Unknown Fourth Method 135
Unknown An Incomprehensible Divination small packet challenge location 136
Unknown Palm Cut 136
Unknown Circus Card Trick "the next card I turn over..." 138
Unknown Black Jack, Detective two cards come together in the pack 139
Unknown The Double Lift and Turnover 141
Unknown Double-Lift Glimpse 143
Unknown Double-Lift Reverses three methods 144
Unknown Rapid Transit 145
Unknown The Trey transforming card into "tray" 146
Unknown Ambitious Card including push-through sequence 147
Unknown Throughth and Consequences 150
Unknown Insidious Dr. Fu Liu Tu offbeat presentation 151
Unknown The Pass 154
Unknown Riffle Pass 156
Unknown Off Agin, On Agin, Finnegin! card vanishs and reappeares via pass 157
Unknown Spread Pass classic style 157
Unknown Spring Pass 157
Unknown Kangaroo Card jumpes out of hatRelated to 159
Unknown Righting a Wrong little bit different effect 160
Unknown Blindfolded Pack tabled 161
Unknown Double Speller 163
Unknown Color Change 166
Unknown Double Color Change two cards simultaneously 167
Unknown The Changing Card 168
Unknown Self-Cutting Deck 169
Unknown A Pretty Cut 171
Unknown Pop-Up Card 171
Unknown A Bit of Byplay 172
Charlier Charlier Cut 172
Unknown Acrobatic Aces aces come to top and bottom via charlier cut 173
Unknown Reverses different methods 177
Unknown Reversed Location using a reversed card 180
Unknown Spellbound 181
Sid Lorraine A Tipsy Trick slop shuffle 183
Unknown Double Reverse 185
Unknown Mentalivity 186
Unknown Mountebank Miracle kind of thought-of-procedure 188
Unknown Hindu Shuffle 190
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Control 191
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Control 192
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force 193
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Glimpse 194
Unknown Natural Jog 195
Unknown The Step hindu shuffle context 195
Unknown Twelve-Down Riffle as card is returned 196
Unknown All Change Here Hindu Shuffle 197
Unknown Ewephindit 200
Unknown The Classic Force 201
Unknown One-Hand Force exposing a card in fanRelated to 204
Unknown Bottom Force spectator cuts from bottom, deck in magician's hands 205
Unknown Slide-Out Force knive 206
Unknown Two-Card Force 207
Unknown Riffle-Break Force 208
Unknown Sliding-Key Force 209
Unknown Double-Lift Force 210
Unknown Cut Force criss cross 210
Unknown Justice Card Trick Card is found blindfolded 211
Unknown Fours of a Kind dunbury delusion presentation 213
Unknown Pulse Trick divination by performer and spectator 214
Unknown Top Change 216
Unknown The Changing Card top change 218
Unknown Top-Change Byplay 220
Unknown Bottom Change 221
Unknown Top and Bottom Changes handling tips 222
Unknown The Selective Touch finding matching cards from pocket for any named card, binary four card set-up that combines to any cardVariations 225
Unknown A Future in Cards one of five 227
Unknown Jacks Wild 228
Unknown Think Stop 229
Unknown Deal Away 231
Unknown The Educated Cards 232
Unknown Reds and Blacks divided pack 234
Unknown Conus Ace Trick Aces transform in spectator's hand, travel to his pocket 249
Unknown Ladies' Looking Glass 255
Unknown Everywhere and Nowhere 260
Unknown Egyptian Pocket combo 263
Unknown Cards to Pocket ten cards 268
Unknown Enlarging and Diminishing Cards classic fan techniqueRelated to 276
Unknown Three Card Across 278
Unknown Everybody's Card, I transforms into four chosen cards, platformRelated to 281
Unknown Everybody's Card, II transforms into 3 chosen cards, platform 286