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12 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives

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Al Mann Foreward on the effect of seeing through a wall
Al Mann The Seat of the Mighty seeing through a wall and describing the other room 1
Al Mann The Hole in the Wall spectator goes in other room selects a book, performer looks through the wall and divines the selection 2
Al Mann Mist divination of a selected box' content, seeing through the wall theme 4
Al Mann Thot on Titles "The Hole in the Wall" in a strange home 5
Al Mann One Thousand Skulls seeing through the wall theme, spectator in other room draws two miniature skulls from a bag, the skulls are either red or white, four phasesRelated to 6
Al Mann Camera Obscura seeing through the wall theme, design duplication, singing blackboard, limited choiceRelated to
  • "Singing Blackboard" in Amazing Maurice's "Mentalistrix Encore" 1969
Al Mann Fail Safe out for the "Camera Obscura", prepared book 11
Al Mann The Jupiter Effect seeing through a wall, which book is chosen and where openedRelated to 12