Written by Arthur W. C. Brumfield, Jack Merlin

Work of Jack Merlin

24 pages (Stapled), published by The Welworth Company

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Charles J. Maly Foreword 2
Jack Merlin Theory short 3
Jack Merlin Practice on practice and other theory aspects 3
Jack Merlin Passes 4
Jack Merlin Improved Hermann turning the hand as cover 4
Jack Merlin Outjog Pass jog shuffle and cut, haymow shuffle 5
Jack Merlin Side Slide Palm and Flesh Frip side palm after a peek 5
Jack Merlin The Pass as a Trick no passes, to fool those familiar with passes, ambitious card plot 6
Jack Merlin Top Turnover side palm and unloading the card while turning top card over 6
Jack Merlin Pass Using Second Dealing ambitious card sequence, second deal 6
Jack Merlin Snap Pass palming the card while tapping it into the deck and producing it at the fingertips 6
Jack Merlin Tip Over Change and Pass Variations 7
Jack Merlin Seconds and Bottoms 7
Jack Merlin Seconds 7
Jack Merlin Bottoms Erdnase grip 8
Jack Merlin Glide example as a stop trick 8
Jack Merlin Four Ace Trick bottom deal method 9
Jack Merlin A Sequence Effect thirteen cards put in order by dealing them in a row on the table, alternate top bottomsVariations 9
Jack Merlin False Shuffles and Cuts 9
Jack Merlin The Jack Merlin Riffle Shuffle Related to 9
Jack Merlin False Shuffle and Cuts with the Jack Merlin Riffle Shuffle as the basis 10
Jack Merlin The Lace Thru False Shuffle push through variationRelated to 10
Jack Merlin False Cut two movements with break 10
Jack Merlin Reds and Blacks red and black cards are shuffled and separated again 11
Jack Merlin Another Red and Black Effect a red card and a black card are selected, after the shuffle the deck is separated and in one hand are all red cards and the black selection and in the other hand vice versa 11
Jack Merlin Thumb and Finger Counting 12
Jack Merlin First Method thumb count with two hands 12
Jack Merlin Second Method thumb count with one hand, also for finding a card in the center and turning it over on top 12
Jack Merlin To Place a Selected Card in a Given Position in the Pack 12
Jack Merlin Vibrating Cards three selection produced one handed from the middle of the deck, pulled out with the thumb one by one 13
Jack Merlin Throwing a Card in the Air and Catching in the Pack at a Chosen Number 14
Jack Merlin Ink Card Used in Conjunction with Count Tricks 14
Jack Merlin Changes 14
S. W. Erdnase, Harry Houdini The Slip-Slide Change Houdini / Erdnase Color Change 15
Jack Merlin Change Over Palm Change Related to 15
Jack Merlin A Double Change Related to
  • Dai Vernon's analysis of the move in Genii, Jan. 1969, Vol. 33 No. 5, "The Vernon Touch"
S. W. Erdnase Change a la Erdnase Bottom Palm only description of the palmRelated to 16
Jack Merlin Improved Change with Erdnase Bottom Palm, First Method, bottom card changes 17
Jack Merlin Under the Thumb Change left thumb across top cardRelated to 17
Jack Merlin Face to Face Change two halves are rubbed together, cards on face change 17
Jack Merlin Change Making Palmed Card Disappear sucker moment, palming cards of and showing the problem of changes, in the end hand is empty 18
Jack Merlin Crimps 18
Jack Merlin Finger Crimp From the Side crimping corner while card is put back in deck 18
Jack Merlin Finger Crimp From the End variation 19
Jack Merlin The Royal Finders selection ends up between the two black kingsAlso published here 20
Jack Merlin Forcing 21
Jack Merlin A Sure Fire Force cards cut behind performer's back, card is added while turning over 23
Jack Merlin Mechanical Forcing Packs one way forcing deck, three way forcing deck, svengali pack, Evans Brown Triple-Force Pack 23
Arthur W. C. Brumfield Editorial Note credits 24