Written by Michael Weber

Work of Michael Weber

165 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Greg Manwaring.
Language: English

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Michael Weber Improvised vs. Impromptu: An Introduction by Way of Definition 9
Michael Weber You're Uri a openly bent spoon is rubbed, it starts to smoke and eventually the spoon is straightened and finally breaks 12
Michael Weber, Michael Close, Eric Maurin Coffee Machine time machine presentation while drinking coffee, sugar packet is restored, coffee free of sugar and spoon vanishes from mug and is resting dry on the table again 15
Michael Weber Torn and Restored Sugar Packet Inspired by 16
Michael Weber, Eric Maurin Vanishing Spoon while stirring, with coin 17
Michael Weber Cream Vanishes from Coffee additional idea 18
Michael Weber, Jeff McBride Hiding McBride splitting spoons, McBride produced missing knife at a meal 19
Michael Weber A Man for All Seasons rolled up napkin acts as a salt shaker, then pepper is produced and finally sugar from the same napkin 21
Ray Kosby Tear For Two two sugar packets are torn and restored 25
Michael Weber Hot Production Item spoon penetrates napkin, then a glass/bottle appears, steal on table 27
Unknown Spoon Through Napkin method normally with a coinInspired by 27
Michael Weber Off the Deep End finger ring penetrates spoon on wide end 29
Michael Weber Change of Seasons a salt and a pepper shaker are each covered with a napkin, then they transpose and finally fuse together to a shaker which is filled with half salt / half pepperRelated to 31
Michael Weber Sub-Strategy filled glass vanishes under handkerchief, seatedRelated to
  • John Scarne's "The Uncrushable Glass" in "Scarne's Magic Tricks" p. 200
Michael Weber Swatch This spectator sets a watch, time is predicted, using property of swatch brandRelated to
  • Heinz Gieppner's "Radarstrahlen" in "Magie" 1950, No. 9.
Michael Weber The One-Two Punch from one ticket to another 39
Michael Weber Moxie monte with match boxes, one is filled, in the end the game is only played with two boxes, matches appear in box which was put away before Related to 44
Michael Weber Thoughts of Tom Jacobson piano card trick with socks 46
Michael Weber Down with Safety pulling a safety pin along a man's shirtRelated to 47
Michael Weber, Hans van Senus, Dan Garrett An End to Pindemonium linking pinsRelated to 49
Michael Weber Knot the Truth knot in rubberband divines selected matchbook, animation 54
Michael Weber Knocked for a Loop ripped and restored belt loop 56
Michael Weber Offhand Penetration rubber band through spectator's wristRelated to 58
Michael Weber Working Without a Grant signed and ungimmickedRelated to 64
Michael Weber The Five-Cent Ring On Stick 67
Michael Weber Q-Tip Inspired by 69
Michael Weber Powers of Dimness index fingers on spectator's eyelids, ashtray starts to levitateRelated to
  • Howard Thurston's "200 Tricks You Can Do" p. 180
Eric Maurin Penny Candy with small coins, handful of change 73
Michael Weber The Laying-On of Hands prediction of an object, pateo 75
Michael Weber Crosswords partly filled crossword puzzle, divination of a wordAlso published here 77
Michael Weber Directory Assistants prediction is a phone number, Jack Diamonds on other end 80
Michael Weber Satan's Serviette impromptu Devil's Handkerchief with paper napkin 84
Michael Weber United Divinations ashes on arm, impromptu Devil's Handkerchief to force a billetRelated to 86
Michael Weber Improvised Pulls with rubber bands
- Band Together
- Hole-der
- Looper
- Pen Ultimate
Michael Weber The Wrigley Device quickly build gimmick to vanish/ produce cigarettes, liquidsRelated to
  • "Abra", January 1951
Michael Weber Flame Thrower improvised flash divice, flame thrower 92
Michael Weber Undercover Transposition signed bill transpose with paper matches and is stapled to its cover 96
Michael Weber To Feed Many food (grapes, nuts or the like) placed in bowls, even though some are eaten the amount stays the same, mathematical principle (edge counting)VariationsAlso published here 103
Michael Weber The Cap in the Bottle cap penetrates bottleVariations 106
Michael Weber Sight of Hand reading in the dark 110
Michael Weber Dispensed Deception ring in plastic bubble form a bubble gum machine, almost impromptu 111
Michael Weber Appealing Illusion picture in magazine, apparently peel the top layer and see under the picture (car and engine, woman and underwear), removing the torn paper part and everything is normal again 115
Michael Weber Just the Fax psychological test is faxed and answers predicted, psychological forces 117
Michael Weber The Ship in the Bottle ungaffed, coin not bigger than opening, improved handlingRelated to 121
Michael Weber 20th-Century Ten borrowed $10 bill appears stapled between two $1 bills 125
Michael Weber A Better Mousetrap three phases, based on Robert E. Neale's "The Trapdoor Card"Inspired byRelated to 130
Michael Weber, Chris Kenner Stretching It - Phase One (linking)
- Phase Two Unlinking (Dan Harlan position)
Related to 139
Michael Weber Four Dollars in Change ring folded from a five dollar bill transposes with a one dollar bill 156
Neal Elias Bild Folded Into Finger Ring 156