Written by T. Nelson Downs, John Northern Hilliard

Work of Various

354 pages (Hardcover), published by Arthur P. Felsman
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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T. Nelson Downs, John Northern Hilliard Introductory three branches of magic, on the state of magic 11
T. Nelson Downs Flourishes and Fancy Sleights with Cards comments and what cards to use
- The Cards
Unknown The Card Fan one-handed 19
Unknown Vanish and Recovery false transfer with pack, brief 19
Unknown Deck Vanish false transfer with riffle sound 20
Unknown Small Packet Vanish with Excelsior Clip spring clip 22
Unknown Card Balancing single card (gaffed) or deck (ungaffed) stand upright 23
Unknown To Tear a Pack of Cards 24
Alexander Herrmann Czar Nicholas II. Anecdote anecdote about tearing deck in half 25
Unknown The Fan and Ruffle Fan Shuffle (false) 26
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Fan fan done in one hand, other hand shown empty, then second fan produced in this hand 27
Unknown Springing the Cards normal method briefly explained, then waterfall cascade:
- First Method
- Second Method
- Third Method
Unknown The One Hand Drop card cascade to floor is caught before it reaches floor, two methods 32
Unknown The Cards on the Arm 34
T. Nelson Downs A Series of Fancy Flourishes Arm Spread & Throw combination 35
B. Girindrashekhar TheFlower of Cards every other card bent in opposite direction 36
Unknown Throwing Cards including:
- catching it in deck
- cutting it in half with scissors ("cut the whirling card in twain")
- throwing a double that splits in the air
Unknown Cards from the Mouth 38
Unknown Novel Card Discovery - First Method cards counted during spreading during selection, replaced at known position, controlled via jog shuffle 40
Unknown Jog Shuffle brief 41
Unknown Second Method crimping card underneath fan when card is returned 41
Unknown Third Method bottom card placed next to selection via reverse spread cull (perhaps, unclear) 42
Unknown Fourth Method - To discover a card mentally selected one of four, by following gaze 42
Unknown New Methods of Concluding Card Tricks - First Method chewing gum 43
Unknown Second Method - The Test of Nerve knocking cards except selection out of spectator's grip, "staring him in the face", showing it's not on top or bottom 43
Unknown Third Method four cards laid out on table, spectator throws die and counts to card which is selection 44
Unknown The Reversed Card 46
Unknown Slip Reverse top card slipped reversed to bottom and deck turned over, brief 46
Unknown Top to Center Reverse top card reversed into center, brief 47
Unknown The Piano Trick Related to 47
Unknown False Count seven as eight, using snap sound 49
Ziska The Transposed Cards done with full deck, performer divines the number of cards put form one half to anotherVariations 49
John Northern Hilliard Card Tricks involving Sleight of Hand 52
John Northern Hilliard The Transfixed Pack deck wrapped in paper, knife thrust between selections, two methods, for credit information see Parrish referenceVariations 52
Unknown Full Deck Bridge 53
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Everywhere and Nowhere two duplicates, including Hofzinser's patter 55
Unknown Center Double Lift no details 58
Unknown Palm Change no details 59
T. Nelson Downs Everywhere and Nowhere - New Method 63
Unknown CHaSeD Mnemonic 63
Unknown Cards with Cloth Surface black art 63
Unknown Everywhere and Nowhere with Assistant coding free selection to assistant who provides duplicates 69
Unknown Deck Switch with Handkerchief 69
Unknown "How Many Aces Would You Like?" deck changes into all Aces 70
T. Nelson Downs The General Card several spectators choose a card, they are all the same, whole deck is shown the same, then different again 71
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change VariationsAlso published here 73
L'Homme Masqué The Flying Card "The Kinetoscope Card", thought-of card and two more of the same suit travel into spectator's pocketAlso published here 77
L'Homme Masqué Kinetoscopic Force cards riffled in front of spectator and King of Spades among Club cards is mistaken for King of ClubsRelated toVariationsAlso published here 77
Henry Hardin The Princess Card Trick (First Method), one of four thought of, performer places one in his pocket and it's the though-of card 80
Unknown The Princess Card Trick (Second Method) double-ended cards 82
Unknown The Princess Card Trick "The Prince's Card Trick" in index 82
Unknown The Twenty Card Trick three cards 85
Unknown Long Card 87
Unknown A Comedy of Errors Three of Hearts and Three of Diamonds change into aces and back, center pip of Three as ace sucker gag 87
Unknown The Siamese Aces two Aces separated in deck come up next to each other when dealt through deck, sucker elementVariations 89
Unknown The Card in the Pocket card and its position thought-of, divined and placed in pocket, Lazy Man's Card to Pocket, two handlingRelated to 92
Harry Houdini Houdini's Torn Card Trick card with torn-off corner changes into other card 94
Frederick Barrington Barrington's Torn Card Trick card torn in four pieces, one freely selected, rest burned and fired with piston onto nest of envelope in which restored card with missing piece is foundVariations 96
Unknown Card Discovered by Sense of Touch touched card appears face-up on deck after shuffle 98
Unknown Corner Crimp in Spread 98
Unknown Charlier Cut Thumb Drag Production 99
Unknown The Flying Card (First Method), from one spectator's pocket to another, freely named number with outs 99
T. Nelson Downs The Flying Cards (Second Method) 107
Unknown The Cards up the Sleeve (First Method), with commentary on the effect, twelve cards 111
Unknown Cards up the Sleeve (Second Method) twelve cards, then whole pack 114
Unknown The Dissolved Card card held under handkerchief is pushed in glass of water by spectator and vanishes, celluloid card 124
T. Nelson Downs The Mysterious Card "one of Mr. Downs' specialties", card thought of in spread of one fifth 126
Henry Hardin The Card and Hat spectator notes top card of deck, it's covered with hat, then top card changed 127
Unknown The Stabbed Card using sticky card to control selection 127
Adrian Plate The Great Poker Trick "a particular favorite of Mr. Adrian Plate", new deck opened and shuffled, seven hands dealt and performer winsRelated toAlso published here 128
Unknown Another Poker Trick three Aces are controlled then riffle stacked for four playersRelated to 130
Unknown Overhand "Haymow" Control with break 130
Unknown Tabled Slip Cut 131
Adrian Plate The Disappearing Queen picture card removed, various spectators remember a picture card and place it between their hands, they all got the QH, QH appears elsewhere and indifferent cards in spectator's hands 133
Unknown The Card Through the Handkerchief "one of the specialties of the ingenious Mr. Leipzig", credited to German St. Roman 136
Yank Hoe The Card in the Watch borrowed watch wrapped in handkerchief, miniature of it appears in box of watch, two methods 140
T. Nelson Downs Chosen Card Appears in Any Part of the Deck "Card Tricks based on a New and Original System of Locating a Chosen Card"
selection to any small number, with outs and alternative strategies
T. Nelson Downs Spectator's Peek as done by Downs 143
T. Nelson Downs Side Steal directly to top 144
T. Nelson Downs Bottom Count riffled off thumb 145
Unknown 3 Object Equivoque 148
T. Nelson Downs Second Method deck crimp/bridge at peeked at card 150
T. Nelson Downs Third Method spectator peeks in his own hands, risky bridge, also with rubber banded deck 150
Unknown Out for Lost Card 151
T. Nelson Downs Fourth Method spectator peeks at a card in his own hands and it is found, estimation and stack, "the bungling and unobserving performer will meet his Waterloo in this experiment" 152
T. Nelson Downs Fifth Method card to any number, with placement strategy to twenty-sixth 154
T. Nelson Downs Sixth Method featuring a new locator card, alternative for long card with portion sticking out in middle of one end 155
Nate Leipzig The Ubiquitous Cards three peeked-at cards, three times stop trick performed, last time with spectator dealing, with variation with numbers instead of "stop" 157
Unknown Re-Count Force for card at any number 161
T. Nelson Downs The Ubiquitous Cards (Second Method) two peeked-at cards appear when spectator calls stop 162
T. Nelson Downs One-Handed Second Deal Related to 163
Unknown Clairvoyance with Cards - First Method spectator touches card in fanned-out deck, performer instantly names it 165
Unknown Fan Glimpse from behind by bending corner 165
Unknown Second Method cards named without seeing them 165
Theodore DeLand Third Method deck shuffled by spectators and several remove a card, they're replaced and divined, index with hole throughout deck (x-ray deck) 166
Unknown A Series of Card Tricks Based on a New and Original System on natural one-way back designs, "The Irregularities of Scroll Designed Cards"Related to 169
Unknown Mind Reading with Cards spectator transfers number of cards in ten-card-packet, then card with this number is found in face-down spread, repeat with shuffled cards 171
Unknown Divination Extraordinaire ten cards chosen and returned, performer deals deck into four piles, one contains all selections 173
Unknown The Transfixed Cards 174
David Devant, T. Nelson Downs The Magician's Will Power with one-way deck improvement by Downs 176
Unknown Prophecy Down-to-Date dealing and equivoque 178
Unknown Resealing Deck 179
John Northern Hilliard The Rising Cards 183
T. Nelson Downs The Tattling of Toto six selections, penny in glass jumps up and down to communicate with performerInspired by
  • French magazine "The Illusioniste"
Buatier de Kolta De Kolta's Rising Cards three selectionsRelated to 191
Buatier de Kolta De Kolta's New Rising Cards three selections, card fountain finaleRelated toVariations 194
Harry Stork Another Method as performed by Kellar 197
Prof. Duprez, Harry Stork The Rising Cards in the Swinging Houlette 198
Howard Thurston, J. N. Thornton The Thurston Rising Cards 202
John Northern Hilliard Anywhere Rising Cards 204
Unknown Resurrection of the Cards four selection burnt, ashes in glass, restored cards "walk" out of glass 207
Martin Chapender Chapender's Rising Cards 208
Hugh Mulloy Mulloy Rising Cards 210
Morgan H. Winans Winans' Rising Cards 210
Unknown Further Rising Card Methods without Assistant 210
Unknown Obliging Bouquet "one of Alexander Herrmann's masterpieces", selections rises out of real flower bouquet held by spectator 211
William G. Edwards Named Card Rise mentioned without method 211
Unknown The Four Ace Trick First Method, three extra AcesInspired by 213
Unknown Felt Strip Holdout to slide cards secretly underneath 215
Unknown Second Method 215
Unknown Third Method using cards with cloth-colored backs, black art 216
Unknown Fourth Method three double facers 217
Nate Leipzig Fifth Method aces signed 218
Nate Leipzig Sixth Method Aces vanish from deck, reappear via Slap Aces 219
Nate Leipzig Side Palm 221
Nate Leipzig Slap Change 221
Unknown Seventh Method aces put in one envelope, kings in another, they transpose, using two cards with cloth on back 221
John Northern Hilliard Card Tricks with Apparatus and in Combination with Other Objects on apparatus 224
John Northern Hilliard Card, Orange and Candle torn and burnt card discovered inside orange with corner proof, wet card is shot on candle with pistol an appears in flame dry and restored 225
Unknown The Card in the Frame card appears in frame, with information on trick framesVariations 229
Unknown The Valladon Cards on Glass cards adhere to sheet of glass, spectator shoots on glass but candle goes out, performer shoots and all cards drop except selections 235
T.J. Crawford, Harry Stork An Illusive Coin Pass 243
T.J. Crawford Multiple Coin Vanish one by one 245
John Northern Hilliard The Hilliard Pass coin ends up in back clip 245
T. Nelson Downs The Wrist Palm 245
Unknown The Coin Roll 246
Unknown The Coin Through the Knee into knee, produced from bottom of trousers 248
Unknown The Traveling Coin 249
T. Nelson Downs Latest Method for the "Miser's Dream" Downs Palm Production 249
T. Nelson Downs Downs Palm 250
Yank Hoe The Sympathetic Coins on corners of handkerchiefVariations 251
Yank Hoe Laydown Steal 252
T. Nelson Downs Second Method of "The Sympathetic Coins", extra coin 254
Unknown The Coin through the Hat coin placed on knee, covered with upside-down hat, coin know inside 255
L'Homme Masqué The Expansion of Texture two coins, one in handkerchief and one in pocket, the one from pocket travels to the one in handkerchief 256
Unknown Multiple Coin Vanish in Handkerchief 260
Unknown The Bewitched Nickel nickel changes to penny in spectator's hand 260
Unknown The Disappearing Dollars dollar coins dropped into vase disappear, small bag on pull inserted into vase 261
T. Nelson Downs The Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver coin travels under named object on table, then under all objects coin is foundRelated to 262
Unknown Coin, Glass and Cone glass through table under paper cover, coin in paper for sound effectRelated to 263
Unknown The Trained Half Dollar "Animated Coin", borrowed coin dropped in glass jumps up and down, thread & assistant 266
Unknown The New Flying Coin handkerchief balled up in glass and held by spectator, coin travels inside 267
Unknown The Coin Through the Hat using black-backed coin, black art 267
Unknown The Transmutation of Metal copper coin stack under cone changes to dimes 268
Unknown Subtraction of Money coin vanishes from spectator's hand among many coins, back clip 270
Unknown Every Man his own Mint endless coin production, initial back clip 270
Unknown New Coin Catching coin on thread, attached to body, for endless coin production where coin can be thrown in tumbler 271
B. Girindrashekhar A New Coin Combination fifteen to twenty coins borrowed and placed in hat, one coin is marked and mixed back, unmarked coin is placed in handkerchief, marked one taken out on hand, they change place 271
B. Girindrashekhar Coin Substitution switch as hand is passed over coin in other hand 272
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Coin Wand 273
Unknown The New Coin Wand 275
Unknown A New Coin Spider gimmick so both sides of hand can be shown empty and fingers spread before coin production 276
Carl Anderson A Coin Act and a Coin Ladder coins produced with borrowed hat, then they penetrate hat and drop down coin ladder 278
Unknown The Coin Dropper 280
Carl Anderson Improved Coin Dropper 281
Carl Anderson The Coin Easel coin ladder 282
Carl Anderson The Table 282
Carl Anderson, William G. Edwards Tricks of the Trade compilation of tips on:
1. painting metal
2. glueing cloth
3. table tops
4. painting tables
5. table tops
6. "Anderson Inlaid Top"
7. silk handkerchief quality
8. sheet brass
9. soft & hard brass
10. velvet
11. brass tubing
12. "lighted candle from pocket"
13. candle oil
14. servante for glass of water
15. thread
16. wax
Unknown To Balance an Egg on the Table several methods 294
Unknown Balancing Glass of Water on Edge 295
Unknown Egg Changed Into Confetti 295
Max Holden A New Idea in the Vanishing of an Egg from thin paper bag 296
Unknown The Eggs from the Mouth rubber eggs 296
Unknown The Conjurer as Chicken Fancier six eggs produced from borrowed hat, then a chicken 297
Unknown Japanese Egg Trick 298
T. Nelson Downs The Latest Egg, Handkerchief and Glass Trick egg in tumbler changes place with silk in hand 300
William G. Edwards "Eggsample" card changes into egg 304
T. Nelson Downs The Four-Ball Trick, with Novel Passes four solid balls 305
Unknown One-Hand Roll Production ball rolls down along thumb to between thumb and first finger 307
Unknown Passing Four Solid Balls from Hand to Hand with shell 310
Unknown Color Change with Four Solid Balls four red balls to four white balls 313
Unknown The Traveling Balls red and black ball each wrapped in paper transpose 314
Unknown The Four Paper Balls and Plates sympathetic paper balls 319
Unknown The Flying Salt sleeving salt, ungimmicked 320
Unknown The Cigarette Paper Trick clean-up in mouth, with sucker explanation 321
T. Nelson Downs Ring Holdout torn & restored cigarette paper idea 324
John Northern Hilliard Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper Ideas 324
Unknown The Torn Bank Note with repeatRelated toVariations 325
Unknown The Bill and Lemon Trick 329
Elbert Adams The Ring on the Wand Related toAlso published here 331
Unknown The Mysterious Match match blown out through sleeve 332
L'Homme Masqué Magically Lighting a Candle or Cigarette gimmick on ring 333
Howard Thurston The Inexhaustible Hat producing several inflated balloons from hat, gas tube system 333
Harry Stork Hot Oysters from Hat 334
Unknown The Mysterious Knot 335
Harry Houdini The Vanishing Knot 336
Unknown The Mystic Tie two pieces of cord tied around performer's neck, gets free 337
Prof. Jacoby The Jacoby Rope Tie Also published here 338
William G. Edwards The Rope Tie Par Excellence 341
W. Russell Escape from a Paper Cylinder 342
Unknown The Giant Memory ten to fifteen people roll a die, performer remembers all the numbers 343
Henry Hardin The Trance Vision First Method, Q&A 344
Yank Hoe The Trance Vision (Second Method) Q&A 345
Unknown The Quick or the Dead 346
John Northern Hilliard, T. Nelson Downs Don'ts tips 347
John Northern Hilliard L'Envoi 348