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Tony Corinda Part One: Introduction on publicity, semi-pros and selling 367
Tony Corinda The Law of Supply and Demand 368
Tony Corinda Creating a Demand 369
Tony Corinda Personal Publicity 371
Tony Corinda Personal Advertising - Visiting Cards (or Business Cards)
- The Brochure
- Photographs
- Headed Paper
- The Publicity Campaign
Tony Corinda Part Two: Publicity Stunts 376
Tony Corinda Radio Prediction anecdote working with David Berglas 377
Tony Corinda Personal Column Advert Stunt prediction in newspaper, anecdote with David Berglas 378
Tony Corinda Registered Letter Prediction 379
Maurice Fogel, Tony Corinda Fogel's Bullet Catching 379
Tony Corinda Example of Personal Publicity: Raymond Hafler 380
Tony Corinda Visiting Card Gimmick numbers printed on business card, spectator thinks of one, that on was crossed by performer 382
Tony Corinda The Haunted House exorcice a ghost, Maurice Fogel anecdote 382
Tony Corinda The Challenge Seance challenge a medium 383
Tony Corinda Headline Predictions on its staging and presentation 383
Tony Corinda Glorified Muscle Reading presentation and staging contact mindreading 384
Tony Corinda Publicity Pencils branded pencils 385
Tony Corinda Blindfold Drives and Walks presentation and staging 386
Tony Corinda Conclusion ten bare essentials for good publicity 386