Written by Paul Curry

Work of Paul Curry

269 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Julio Granda.
Language: English

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Martin Gardner Introduction on Paul Curry 1
Paul Curry Chapter One: By Way of Background 7
Paul Curry Chapter Two: The Old, Old Tricks magic history, Egyptian magicians, The Discovery of Witchcraft, Charles Dickens, Cagliostro, Pinetti, Robert-Houdin 11
Unknown The Little Messenger puppet with cape, puppet vanishes only cape remainsRelated to 20
Paul Curry Chapter Three: The Magician's Image on Alexander Herrmann, Hoffmann's Modern Magic, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston 37
Paul Curry Chapter Four: Houdini and After on Harry Houdini, T. Nelson Downs, Nate Leipzig, Fred Keating, Joseph Dunninger, Emil Jarrow, Ade Duval, Cardini, Jack Gwynne 47
Paul Curry Chapter Five: The New Conjurers on Milbourne Christopher, amateur magicians, famous actors, authors and other celebrities, who did magic, John Scarne, Clayton Rawson, Jimmy Grippo 65
Paul Curry Chapter Six: What Became of Gravity on the Indian Rope Trick, levitation 79
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Robert Houdin's Levitation levitation of a boy, two poles, with variationRelated to 82
John Nevil Maskelyne Maskelyne's Levitation assistant levitates on a board in front of the magician 89
Paul Curry A Pencil - A Ring - and Gravity ring levitates up and down on pencil, then pencil levitates 95
Paul Curry Chapter Seven: Into Thin Air on disappearance 101
Thomas Tobin The Sphinx mirrors, only head 103
Paul Curry Where Does the Ducks Go? break-away box 110
Paul Curry The Joker Knows spectator selects a card, which a vanishes and appears in the card caseVariations 116
Unknown Criss Cross Force 119
Paul Curry Chapter Eight: Out of Nowhere on appearance 125
Herr Boelke The Vampire kind of puppet becomes personRelated to 126
Unknown Production of a Bowl of Water gaffed table 132
Paul Curry Made Whole Again on sawing a person in half 137
Unknown Sawing a Lady in Half fake legs method 138
Paul Curry The Cut and Restored String 145
Paul Curry Chapter Nine: Ties that Do Not Bind on escapes 153
S. E. Josolyne, Harry Houdini Walking Through a Wall 155
Paul Curry String Around the Fingers like the jumping rubber band, with a long string and the fingers are fixed with a rubberbandRelated to 160
Paul Curry On and Off washer penetrates string under handkerchief 165
Paul Curry Chapter Ten: The Power of Thought on mentalism and the history of the two person telepathy 173
Robert Heller Coding System letters, numbers and objects 176
Paul Curry Thoughts from Afar medium on telephone knows selected cardRelated to 183
Paul Curry Chapter Eleven: Of Things to Come on predictions 193
Paul Curry Three Cards in the Future three card predictionRelated to 195
Paul Curry Chapter Twelve: The Quick and the Dead on spiritualism, seance, Fox Sisters, Davenport brothers 205
Paul Curry A Simple Spirit Séance 224
Paul Curry Chapter Thirteen: The Mind Reels Henry Green performing Out of this World for Winston Churchill 237
Paul Curry Out of this World 239
Paul Curry The Case of the Missing Hat cards with magicians and with hats, story trickRelated toVariations 248
Paul Curry Bibliography 261