Written by J. B. Bobo, James G. Thompson Jr.

Work of J. B. Bobo

124 pages (Hardcover), published by Lloyd E. Jones
Illustrated with drawings by J. B. Bobo.
Language: English

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J. B. Bobo Preface 11
John Braun Introduction 13
J. B. Bobo Multiple Card Control hindu shuffle control to bottom for one or multiple cards, crimp additionRelated to 15
J. B. Bobo Friction Bottom Slip Cut 16
Unknown Shuffling around Key or Crimp 17
J. B. Bobo Bottom Up - Method I (tabled transfer cut from bottom card to top)
- Method II (Hindu shuffle to bring bottom card to top)
J. B. Bobo Bottom Peek during center cut 21
J. B. Bobo Top Peek top buckle in open grip from top 23
J. B. Bobo Naming Top Card performer repeatedly knows top card after shuffle 24
Unknown U Peek, I Peek card in center is glimpsed at back end as spectator is looking at it from opening in front 25
J. B. Bobo Color Change with gambler's flat palm steal from back & presentation 27
Paul Ebling The Ebling Crimp one-handed with flesh of fourth finger 29
J. B. Bobo A New Key Card single rough-smooth pair 31
J. B. Bobo The Isolated Key corner dotted card in center as reference 32
J. B. Bobo Stop Card Trick 33
J. B. Bobo Milk Shuffle Key Placement card replaced during overhand shuffle 34
J. B. Bobo Found card selected with seemingly fair cutting procedure, key card 35
J. B. Bobo Bobo Locatrix card selected with seemingly fair cutting procedure, key card, location via "Trick that Cannot be Explained" type procedure 36
Unknown Shuffling with Key Card 37
J. Stewart Smith In His Hands 39
J. B. Bobo Telepathic Miracle key card placed next to thought-of cardRelated to 40
J. B. Bobo Two Backward Cards performer stabs card reversed between two selections behind his back 42
Paul Ebling Behind His Back card chosen and returned behind performer's back, when he brings deck forward he instantly names card and it is reversed 45
Unknown Glimpsing Reversed Card in Center 46
J. B. Bobo Card to Pocket card instantly produced from pocket 46
J. B. Bobo Center Rear Palm Steal 47
J. B. Bobo Double Discovery performer stabs card reversed between two selections 48
J. B. Bobo Triple Thought spectator selects three cards and thinks of one of them, they're returned, performer finds thought-of card 49
J. B. Bobo The Invisible Deck classic Invisible Deck 51
J. B. Bobo "Out of this World" Followup - Effect Number 1 spectator finds card that was selected at other end of room 52
Unknown Red/Black Shuffle cards drawn singly in the center 53
J. B. Bobo "Out of this World" Followup - Effect Number 2 decks with colors separated is mixed, yet the colors stay separated 55
J. B. Bobo Red/Black Shuffle mixing in Charlier Shuffle position 55
Charlier Charlier Shuffle uncredited 57
J. B. Bobo Cards in Flight twelve cards, comedy presentation with child 58
J. B. Bobo Four Ace Routine (a) four piles build by shuffling and being stopped by spectator, ace on top of each
(b) aces lost, number cards selected and their value used to count down to aces
(c) "Cutting the Aces"
Unknown Slip Force 67
J. B. Bobo Control to Second from Bottom Hindu shuffle 68
Unknown Slip Cut in the hands 69
Unknown One-Handed Slip Cut 70
J. B. Bobo Bobo System of Card Control 73
J. B. Bobo The Art of Sleeving 75
Unknown Delayed Action Sleeving 76
Unknown The "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish 77
Unknown Loading Sleeve from Inside Coat 79
Unknown Pulling up Sleeves after Sleeving 79
J. B. Bobo Chameleon Knives ungaffed, sleeving as switch 79
J. B. Bobo Color Changing Thimble sleeving 80
J. B. Bobo Coin to Ring featuring pumpkin seed vanish as switch 80
Unknown Through the Table coin on table, spectator presses performer's hand on top and it penetrates table, with a misdirection sleeving 81
Unknown Sleeve Switch under Handkerchief 82
J. B. Bobo Glass of Liquid Production appears under handkerchief, loaded from sleeve 83
Unknown The Catapult inertia sleeving 84
J. B. Bobo A New Switch 87
Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin 89
J. B. Bobo Bobo Vanish 90
J. B. Bobo Knee-zy Vanish coin travels from knee to knee, then vanishesVariations 91
J. B. Bobo Sucker Vanish 92
J. B. Bobo Hand Load via Speed 93
Phil Huckabee The Penny-trating Coin one of two coins penetrates spectator's hand, penny/dime set 94
J. B. Bobo The Squirting Nickel use for hollow coin to squirt water from, heckler stopper 95
J. B. Bobo Mystery with a Shell Half short flurry, method to separate shell from coin 96
J. B. Bobo The Magic Mint nickel in the hand, half dollar appears, nickel transforms into another half dollar 97
Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin coin to glass disc in spectator's hand 99
J. B. Bobo, Phil Huckabee Peregrinating Quarters 101
J. B. Bobo The Inseparable Pair two phases 103
J. B. Bobo Drop Switch hands crossed 105
Harry McDaniel Chinese Money Mystery Related to 106
J. B. Bobo, James G. Thompson Jr. Silver and Copper - Number One
- Number Two
- Number Three
- Number Four (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
J. B. Bobo Suggested Routine string of coin tricks 114
J. B. Bobo Match Penetration between thumb and first finger of both hands 115
Paul Fox Thimble Change-Over 116
Paul Fox Thimble Pop-Up thimble travels from hand to thumb 117
J. B. Bobo The Exploding Thimble vanish with sound effect 119
J. B. Bobo Throwing a Knot Related to 120
J. B. Bobo Knots to You rope in hand, number named, that many knots appear, then one is blown off 121
J. B. Bobo The Ring on the String 123