Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Ken Krenzel

254 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(113 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harry Lorayne Foreword vii
Ken Krenzel Foreword ix
Ken Krenzel The Natural Double Lift 13
Ken Krenzel The Natural Multiple Lift 16
Ken Krenzel As an Ambitious Card Ending Block Turnover 18
Ken Krenzel The Natural Multiple Lift Plus up to half the pack 18
Ken Krenzel "Stop Me" Block Turnover 19
Ken Krenzel All the Way Block Turnover 22
Ken Krenzel One-Hand Stop one-handed dealing 24
Ken Krenzel The Drag Lift with or without get-ready 26
Ken Krenzel The Pressure Hideout 31
Ken Krenzel To Indicate the Future 33
Ken Krenzel, Dai Vernon Double Lift from Fan Inspired by 33
Ken Krenzel Spectator Sympathy odd backed match 37
Ken Krenzel Two-Card Fan Lift, Switch, Reversal, Palm see title 41
Ken Krenzel The Invisible Bottom Reverse Related to 45
Ken Krenzel The Finger Stab finger stabs in pack 49
Ken Krenzel The Invisible Reverse Transfer Bottom card to center or anywhere 52
Ken Krenzel The Direct Reverse 54
Ken Krenzel Magnetic Aces 55
Ken Krenzel Get the Message spectator stabs ace next to selection before (!) it is selected 57
Ken Krenzel At Any Number between ten and twentyRelated to 59
Ken Krenzel Three Transfers three peeked at cards, key cards 60
Ken Krenzel Invisible Transfer Placement 60
Ken Krenzel The "One-Card" Double Lift Related to 62
Harry Lorayne A Card Sandwich 65
Ken Krenzel The Four-Ace Trap 66
Ken Krenzel Turn Blue 70
Ed Balducci, Henry Christ Cut Deeper Force 70
Ken Krenzel The Optical Sandwich Related to 72
Warren Wiersbe Pressure Fan with step after peek 72
Unknown Bluff Fan Insertion apparently at different positions in fan 72
Ken Krenzel Mental Matrix stay stack 74
Ken Krenzel The Peek Corner Crimp 77
Ken Krenzel The Magic Bullet shooting card out of IF positionRelated toVariations 79
Ken Krenzel Caught Red-Handed "Magic Bullet" with color changing back kickerVariations 82
Ken Krenzel The Ultimate Tunnel 83
Ken Krenzel Variation of To Catch and Ace #6 89
Ken Krenzel The Princess 91
Ken Krenzel KK's HHH two cards 94
Ken Krenzel KK's HHH (Hand-Heel-Holdout) impromptu 94
Ken Krenzel KK's HHH 97
Ken Krenzel KK's HHH (Hand-Heel-Holdout) table edge 98
Ken Krenzel Kaleidoscope 10-Hand Poker Deal 100
Ken Krenzel Spread Double Lift as a Switch 100
Ken Krenzel Spread Double Turnover 100
Ken Krenzel The Impromptu Zig Zag two isolated packets 105
John Benzais Kard Kop deal cop 105
Ken Krenzel The Impromptu Sympathetic Ten ungaffed 109
Ken Krenzel The Multiple Cop Progressive Aces 113
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Spell mechanical second 117
Edward Marlo Mechanical Second 117
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Poker 120
Ken Krenzel KK's Handling of the Panoramic Shift Related to 122
Ken Krenzel The Panoramic Shift Add-On 125
Ken Krenzel The Panoramic Plunger strange idea 127
Ken Krenzel The Miracle Multiple Peek Marlo Peek Deck applicationVariations 128
Edward Marlo Marlo's Peek Deck 128
Ken Krenzel The Pivot Pop-Out tabledRelated to 135
Ken Krenzel Spread transforming break into crimp, table spread 137
Ken Krenzel "Breakless" Peek handling with immediate table spread 137
Ken Krenzel Bridge crimping half the pack 137
Ken Krenzel Triple Peek Location 138
Ken Krenzel, Lou Gallo Belly Production 138
Ken Krenzel, Joe Fisher The Eerie Spin-Out plus variation by Harry Lorayne, see references for creditsRelated toVariations 140
Ken Krenzel Impromptu Haunted Deck 144
Ken Krenzel Rip-Off Fan See Trick 146
Ken Krenzel Instant Appearance more a pop-out 148
Ken Krenzel Cut Propulsion card shooting from the middle as deck is cut 150
Ken Krenzel Ken's Riffle Shuffle Stack zarrow type shuffles 153
Ken Krenzel The "Strange" Riffle Shuffle strange indeed 156
Ken Krenzel The "Strange" Riffle Shuffle in the hands, using strange false shuffle 158
Ken Krenzel The Tilt Sandwich 159
Ken Krenzel, Edward Marlo Center Tilt 159
Ken Krenzel The Front Tilt 160
Ken Krenzel Ken's Kolor Finesse some handling finesses 164
Jack Miller Jack Miller Change Herrmann Pass 166
Ken Krenzel The Purist's Mini Hofzinser 168
Harry Lorayne Gambler's Cop from small packet 171
Ken Krenzel Force-Eps Related to 173
Ken Krenzel Force-Eps Royal Marriages with four aces back change kicker 174
Ken Krenzel Down-Down-Down visual, three methods 177
Ken Krenzel The Card Catch convincing handling 183
Ken Krenzel Fan Steal varation on Cornelius' method 186
Ken Krenzel The Squeeze Steal Related to 189
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Hand-Washing Change left cop position to right classic 190
Ken Krenzel The Broadside Steal from center 192
Ken Krenzel The Classic Pass lots of information 197
Ken Krenzel Riffle Pass 201
Ellis Stanyon Cover Pass different handling suggestions 202
Ken Krenzel The K-E Pass "Krenzel-Elliott" 204
Ken Krenzel The Mechanical Reverse 207
Ken Krenzel The Vanishing Collectors cards between aces vanish and reappear 209
Ken Krenzel The One-Card Middle Pass Variations 212
Ken Krenzel One-Card Middle Pass #2 214
Ken Krenzel One-Card Middle Pass to the top 215
Ken Krenzel The Block Cover Pass with a block for cover and applications 216
Ken Krenzel The Block-Cover Pass Immediate Spell 218
Ken Krenzel The Block-Cover Pass Two-Card Control 219
Ken Krenzel The Dribble Pass with cover, Herrmann 220
Ken Krenzel The Dribble Force using Herrmann style Dribbel Pass action 222
Ken Krenzel The Fingertip Bottom Deal Related to 226
Ken Krenzel The Thumb-Grip Bottom Deal 229
Ken Krenzel Slow Motion Bottom Deal edge-deal 231
Ken Krenzel A Middle Deal 233
Ken Krenzel The One-Hand Middle Deal 235
Ken Krenzel The Surefire Second Deal 238
Ken Krenzel OMM Handling in the hands and tabled 243
Ken Krenzel The Slip Shuffle for bottom block 245
Ken Krenzel Last Card Push Related to 247
Ken Krenzel The Instant Drop-Switch Get-Ready 248
Ken Krenzel The Floating Cut 250
Harry Lorayne Last Word 254