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Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Daryl Martinez Magician Fooler 1
Unknown Red/Black Shuffle standard 1
Daryl Martinez A Few More Ideas ideas for previous "Magician Fooler" 2
Daryl Martinez Half and Half two smaller playing cards folded, half of them changes places resulting in "misprinted" cards 2
Daryl Martinez Paddle Routine two paddles, silver & red dots 4
Unknown Paddle Move brief 4
Daryl Martinez Triple Change Coin Flight two half dollar, one in each hand, both travel to one hand and change to copper, repeated with change to chinese 6
Daryl Martinez Coin Paddle Move 7
Daryl Martinez Audio Transposition two toys, one squeaks and one rattles, sound is transposedVariations 9
Daryl Martinez Lots-O-Fun Rope Cut threaded bracelet as convincer 11
Michael Weber "... Just an Old Premonition" photocopy of fifty-two cards with one reversed, freely thought-of card is missingVariations 12
Daryl Martinez Fish Schtick optical illusion with fish and bowl on two cardboard pieces becomes real 13