Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Paul Harris

67 pages (Paperback), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Creati Graphics.
Language: English

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Paul Harris Dedication
Looy Simonoff Introduction 1
Paul Harris Bayberry Bag Swindle chop cup routine with paper bag and paper ball loadsAlso published here 3
Paul Harris The Giant Killer Coin matrix with jumbo coin production kickerAlso published here 13
Paul Harris Coin Steal 13
Paul Harris Illusion card from sandwich reversed in deckVariationsAlso published here 19
Paul Harris Snap Count audible, two as three 20
Paul Harris Flip-Flop-Plop VariationsAlso published here 21
Paul Harris The Phantom transpo of chosen card in one packet with unknown phantom cardVariations 23
Unknown Drop Switch Addition 24
Paul Harris Open Revelation aces or selection appear one by one between two one-handed fansVariations 26
Paul Harris Rip Off Reverse torn pieces of signed card transpose with full cardAlso published here 28
Unknown Turnover Switch double on table 29
Paul Harris Joker Poker triumph with color changing back kicker, Color Stunner 33
Paul Harris Tilt Convincer 34
Paul Harris The Mystery of the Inner Aces 36
Unknown Basic Sandwich Load 37
Nate Leipzig Slap Change 38
Paul Harris Press three face-down cards dropped on aces and pressed, the alternate into collectors configurationVariations 39
Paul Harris Color Stunner color changing deck triumph, credit to Dingle for plotVariationsAlso published here 41
George G. Kaplan Fan Stop Force 41
Tenkai Ishida, Martin Gardner Twistover Optical Revolve 42
Paul Harris Tilt Convincer 44
Paul Harris Think of a Card one of about twentyVariationsAlso published here 45
Paul Harris Switch of Upjogged Card as it is thumbed off the deck 49
Paul Harris Silver and Aces spectator cuts to the aces and a coin are found under each aceRelated to 49
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Coin Holer made from Cards card gaff that holds four coins and hides in deck 50
Paul Harris Transfusion Confusion card placed in card case, signed card torn into four pieces, card restores and cased card is now in pieces 55
Paul Harris Flash Fold initialed business card to match box, foldedRelated toAlso published here 62
Jerry Mentzer Errata 69