Written by David Regal

Work of David Regal

232 pages (Hardcover), published by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Regal Bottoms Up Aces 3
David Regal The World's First Card Trick top card after spectator's shuffle is predicted 7
Arthur Finley, David Regal Spectator Shuffles Subtlety with control back to top Related to 8
David Regal The Sum Of The Parts Micky Mouse Math variationInspired by 12
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change dropping card on table 15
David Regal Carried Away from four of a kind to other four of a kind 17
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 20
David Regal The Wild Bunch from deck to four of a kind, Royal Flush kicker 22
John Carney Versa Switch 26
David Regal Distant Transfer 29
R. Paul Wilson Thinking it Over two methodsAlso published here 32
David Regal Four The Fard Way four selections from four packets 42
David Regal The Two o'clock Jiggle variation on the Jiggle Pass 49
David Regal Open Additions - The Nothing-to-hide Addition variation on Vernon's strip out addition 53
David Regal Open Additions - The Face-out Addition variation on Jennings Optical Add-on 55
William Goodwin All in One ungaffed 57
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 58
David Regal Still Holding On one card 64
David Regal A Match Made in Heaven 67
David Regal Bottom Deal Spread Force 67
David Regal Control Yourself two cards are found 70
David Regal Open from the Bottom 72
John Lovick Clandestine Jokers Inspired by 75
David Regal Hidden Face-up Cards in Face-Down Reverse Fan Related to 76
David Regal Flash Flight one quartet is pocketed 78
David Regal Fan Change for about four cards, not too visual 78
David Regal The Color of Science red joker turns blue kings red 83
David Regal A Subtle Hue three blue cards turn one at a time red 90
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move 92
David Regal Lonely are the B'Wave 94
David Regal Three...Two...One with color change kicker 97
David Regal High & Dry spectator shuffles yet magician deals aces on top of packets 101
David Regal The Mystery Card chosen card completes four of a kind 103
David Regal The Butterfly Hop variation on butterfly cut 107
David Regal On Call spectator's phone number appears 111
David Regal Your Number's Up card is found with spectator's phone number 118
Gordon Bean, David Regal The Hot Spot spectator finds two mates 122
David Regal One Gambling Move presented as sleight of hand 126
David Regal All Roads lead to Larry clean transpo without duplicates 130
David Regal The D.R. System multiple out... 134
David Regal Lineup "odd cards" turn into run of spades as a climax 149
David Regal Deceptive Control cutting/spreading 153
David Regal Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls 160
Dai Vernon The Mora/Vernon Wand Spin Vanish 180
David Regal Battery Power two in the hands... with climax 190
David Regal The Cotton Ball cotton balls are produced from spectator, one changes to silk 194
David Regal Band Box ring penetrates pencil in card box with holes 197
David Regal Solid Gold with reel 204
David Regal The Luggage Tag 208
David Regal Barrel of Monkeys on lowest monkey of a chain from toy monkeys 212
David Regal The Circle of Life individual chain links 217
David Regal Chink-A-Drink chink-a-chink with bottle production climax 221
David Regal Speed of Light box of matches jumps from one hand to the other 226
David Regal Rodent-in-a-Box alternative to the snake basket 229