Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

18 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves The Topological False Count introduction and credit information 1
Dr. James William Elliott, Theodore Annemann Elliott-Annemann Automatic Second Deal with torn-off cornerRelated to
  • Elliott's Last Legacy (1923)
Karl Fulves, Dai Vernon Automatic Second & Third Deal top card has holeRelated to 2
Karl Fulves Automatic Jacks two jacks placed on top, two hands dealt and performer receives jacks, repeat, using card with hole 3
Karl Fulves Impossible False Counts on count problems that have no good solution 4
Karl Fulves The Contact Count using card with cut-out section in center of one side 5
Karl Fulves One-Hand Second from Top Palm top card has corner missing 5
Karl Fulves The Faro Box Effect with card changing back color 7
Karl Fulves Contact Colors 2&2, with card with cut-out section 7
Karl Fulves Scam On Rye two black card between two reds, after a count it is two reds between two blacks, using extra card with cut-out section 8
Karl Fulves Contact Spread using a card with hole, rough-smooth substitute 10
Karl Fulves Four Card Catch catching two cards between 2 sandwich cardsInspired by 11
Karl Fulves Contact 5-as-4 using card with hole 12
Karl Fulves Contact 5-as-5 using card with hole 12
Karl Fulves Contact Double using card with hole 13
Karl Fulves Continuous Count count with two cards taped together at one side 13
Karl Fulves Contacting The Spirits top card on small packet floats up, using card with hole in centerInspired byRelated to 14
Karl Fulves The Hole Card Routine small packet blackjack sequence, at one point spectator gets "hole card" with actual hole
- The Cheat Phase
- The Finish
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