Written by Theodore Annemann

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45 pages (Hardcover), published by L. Davenport & Co.

Language: English

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Theodore Annemann Introduction as Usual 1
Theodore Annemann Call Me Up Sometime person calls during the show and names the card someone selected 2
Theodore Annemann The Borrowed Deck Tragedy selection turns over in deck, then it's put in an envelope and envelope destroyed, card reappears face up in deck, borrowed deck, duplicate 3
Theodore Annemann Help Wanted in the Dark ads are cut from newspaper and sealed in envelopes, light is out and content of two ads is revealed 4
Theodore Annemann A Thought is Fathomed using deck of cards to force page number, Si StebbinsRelated toVariations 6
Stuart Robson Your Nose Knows Also published here 7
Theodore Annemann A Rule of the Thumb book / magazine test 8
E. Leslie May A Handkerchief is Selected silks are put in unprepared bag and mixed, performer takes one out, force 8
Theodore Annemann A Card is Found Once More Related toVariations 9
Theodore Annemann Odd or Even, Which? knowing whether a packet has an odd or even number of cards, alternating one-way backsRelated to 10
Theodore Annemann An Alternate Detection alternating one-way backsRelated toVariationsAlso published here 11
Theodore Annemann A New Kink for the Reversing of One Card subtle reverse method for one-way backRelated to 12
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Eight-In-A-Row Location location from a packet, one-way backs 13
Theodore Annemann Red or Black? Related to 14
Theodore Annemann The Challenge of the Year long distance location, one-way backsRelated toAlso published here 15
Theodore Annemann The Mind in Retrospect 16
Theodore Annemann The Five Card Thought Effect 17
Theodore Annemann The Guessing Contest performer and spectator write a card on a slip of paper and try to find the others card, while the spectator cannot find the card in ten attempts, the performer hits on the first cardVariations 18
Theodore Annemann The Two Person Location two bottom cards code two selections to assistant in other room, stackedRelated to 20
Theodore Annemann A Couple of Cards Get Together two selections come together on top despite the spectator's overhand shuffleRelated to 20
Theodore Annemann The New Deal Card Code coding with eyes 21
Theodore Annemann, Al Baker The Perfect Club Slate Routine name written up secretly on paper appears on slate 22
Theodore Annemann Fair and Square suit rotation stackRelated to 24
Theodore Annemann Dual Sympathy one deck stackedRelated to 25
Theodore Annemann Another Sympathetic Mystery two decks, spectator selects card from one, performer finds duplicate in other deck, stacked, estimation, fishingRelated to 26
Theodore Annemann Triplets by Chance three decks, three spectator select the same card 27
Theodore Annemann Broken Corner Locator Card 27
Theodore Annemann The Last of the Think Stop Tricks two cards, think stop by selecting number between one and ten, duplicates 28
Unknown Double Lift 28
Orville Wayne Meyer Your Card behind back you produce card of same suit and value as spectator's selection, Si StebbinsRelated to 30
Theodore Annemann The Tune Detective card found by dealing to selected song lyric / beatRelated toAlso published here 31
Theodore Annemann The Mindreader's Dream with assistants, mirror bowl 32
Theodore Annemann Music in the Air with pianist, verbal code 34
Theodore Annemann A Quaint Happening two decks, spectator selects card from one, performer finds duplicate in other deck by counting down value of selectionRelated to 36
Theodore Annemann The Prophecy of Occurence two card prediction, slates 37
Henry Christ The 203rd Force Related to 38
Theodore Annemann Nickles on the Brain date of coin is predicted 39
Theodore Annemann Despair of the Devil impromptu, with medium 39
Theodore Annemann The Lady and the Gentleman two card prediction with billet indexRelated to 40
Theodore Annemann The Bell Mystery coding an object, name is named before number, public telephones 41
Theodore Annemann Three Cards - Three Numbers two decks, three times cards are found at small number named, in other pack, three-way forcing pack 42
Theodore Annemann The $ 1,000 Test Card Location stacked, riskyRelated toVariations 43
Theodore Annemann Dead Men Tell No Tales! Variations 44