Written by Ormond McGill

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29 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic

Language: English

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Percy Abbott Preface Psychic Magic are based on a series by McGill in the TOPS called "The Psychic Circle" from 1937 4
Ormond McGill Introduction 5
Ormond McGill Our Psychic Powers overview of mentalism genres 6
Ormond McGill Contact Telepathy general comments, ideomotor effect, pendulum 9
Unknown Thought Discernment divine on which hand someone is thinkingRelated to
  • Joseph Ovette's "Yogi Power"
Ormond McGill Telepathic Card Selection finding one of five cards 11
Ormond McGill The Hidden Object Test Related to
  • Dariell Fitzkee's "Contact Mindreading"
Ormond McGill Improved Muscle Reading headphones with metal plate on the end of the wire, two versions to find a selected card, first with sleight of hand to elicit a good spectator for muscle reading for second phase 16
Pauline Hammer, Nail and Chalk Cross blindfolded performer finds hammer and nail hidden in the room, then he finds the chalk cross and drives the nail through it 18
Ormond McGill Non-Contact Telepathy 19
Ormond McGill Mental Impulse spectator sit in a circle one is touched on the forehead, performer knows which one, non-contact mindreading 19
Ormond McGill Transmitting Images of Playing Cards spectator look at a card and transmit it to the performer, who tries to guess it several times, no trick, esoteric 20
Ormond McGill Psychic Magic and a Deck of Cards 23
Ormond McGill, Dai Vernon Psychological Locations first three cards, then five cards (Vernon's "Five Card Mental Force" credited here to Arthur Buckley)Related to 23
Lee Grabel Two Grabel Mysteries spectator reads other spectator's mind, reverse fan to force cardRelated to 25
Unknown Springing the Cards Control 25
Unknown Card Clairvoyance card is cut in four packets, top card buried in each packet, four top cards are named 27
Harry Banderob The Cards and Slates with medium on stage, coding card by flashing bottom card 28