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25 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic

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Percy Abbott Preface 4
Ormond McGill How to See in the Crystal 5
Ormond McGill The Art of Visualization crystal gazing, no trick, esotericRelated to 5
Ormond McGill Crystal Seership more tips on crystal gazing, no trick, esotericRelated to 7
Ormond McGill Crystal Gazing for Mentalists answering questions with a crystal ball, hearing the answer in the question 10
Ormond McGill Modern Psychometry 14
Ormond McGill Developing the Power genreal comments 14
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Pseudo-Psychometry Related to 17
Theodore Annemann Envelope Marking Method 18
William Larsen Larsen's Psychometry Presentation with astrological cards, where people have marked their zodiac 20
William Larsen Lecture and Readings doing readings in the context of pseudo psychometry, examples with different objects 21