Written by Michael P. Hades

Work of Various

86 pages (Spiralbound), published by Micky Hades International

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Neil Foster Foreward illusions from Edward Dart's "The Conjurors' Magazine" 5
Theo Hardeen The Book of Life person appears from a giant book 6
Howard Thurston Tree to Girl Transformation small tree to girl, behind cloth 8
Harry Blackstone White and Black magician with black robe and assistant with white robe transpose behind two screens 10
Shaman Chest of the Lamas production cabinet, rabbit 12
Rudy Roxo The Cauldron big cauldron on a glowing fire, performer throws dead animals inside and they come back out alive, then a girl appearsRelated to
  • Chung Ling Soo's "The Witch's Cauldron"
Cmdr. C. Adair Out of the Dog House dog appears from small house 16
Harry Blackstone Vanishing Automobile vanishing car 18
Harry Blackstone Two Door Doll House doll house, where the doors can be opened front and backRelated to
  • Will Goldston's "Denton's Cabinet"
Theodore DeLand DeLand's Floating Skeleton 22
Joseph Ovette Miss Boots sawing a lady in half, longitudinal 23
Rudy Roxo A Question of Color girl steps in box, then color of box and of dress change 24
Stanley Beck Nu Production Box box carried under arm, three pieces, production of objects or animal 26
Rudy Roxo The Follies Girl Illusion box with light and silhouette is seen, girl vanishes 27
Jack Gwynne The Invisible Rainbow glass with water, colors are selected and the water turns into those colors, for stage 28
Rudy Roxo The Chest of Celestial Bliss spike box 30
Kroger Kroger's Chariot Illusion! two person appearance from a chariot 32
Unknown Burmese Pagoda oriental version of the doll house 34
Walter B. Gibson Double "A" Production Cabinet for handkerchiefs etc 36
George Pfisterer Glass Penetration frame with glass, spiked with rods 38
Herman Hanson Santa Claus Illusion producing santa from two large gift boxes 40
P. C. Sorcar The Rabbit Out of A Hat 43
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Pillar of Fire appearance of a pillar with a burning bowl on top, behind cloth 44
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Invisible Flight dove vanishes from cave and appears inside tubes 46
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Phantom Fowls three ducks appear in a cabinet 48
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Mystery of the 7 Stones oriental torture cage, person vanishes 50
Felix Korim East Indian Rope Trick stage version, boy vanishes 53
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Stowaway Illusion three boxes are filled with tea, piled up and a girl appears 54
William A. Hoch A Stage Illusion Idea 56
Howard A. Adams A Chinese Apparition with folding screen 57
George LaFollette The Flight of the Mandarin performer wrapped in sheet, transforms into assistant, performer appears in audience 58
John Cooper Flash Vanish guinea pigs appear from box 60
Stanley Collins The Triple Mystery performer wrapped in sheep with donkey mask, transposes with assistant 62
Harry Blackstone The Girl and the Ladder girl vanishes on a ladder behind a big umbrealla 65
Joseph Ovette The Appearing Lion 66
Eddie Erold, U. F. Grant Mermaid Illusion classic appearance with two foldable screens 67
Felix Korim Cloak of Invisibility girl disappears under cloak 67
Horace Goldin Walking on Water 68
Joe Karson No Feet - Some Feat legs disappear 69
Rowan Brooks Beer and Girl from Barrel 70
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Coverless Dove Pan with table 71
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Evolution of a Lady duck and girl are produced from a box 72
Unknown Practical Production Tray vase of flowers 74
Gene Glove To Life giant queen of hearts is covered with a tube, girl appears and queen on card has vanished 75
Unknown Tom-Tom Illusion production of a girl 77
Bill Joy Revelry in a Haunted House doll house used for seance effects 78
Harry Blackstone Blackstone's Studio Illusion magician dresses as artist, draws himself on a canvas, then he appears from canvas, dressed normal 79
Harry Blackstone Walking Away from a Shadow upper body in a box, shadow is seen, then he walks out and shadow stays in box 80
Unknown The Sucker Rabbit Box 81
Joseph Yadah Girl Thru Tape with two assistants, behind piece of cardboard 82
Tommy Windsor Yankee Doodle Hat à la phantom tube 84
Felix Korim 4th Dimensional Glass needle through big piece of glass 86