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Karl Fulves New For 1960 essays dates 1960 and earlier 1
Karl Fulves Film To Life filming tricks 3
Karl Fulves Art And Magic comparing magic to jokes and art 3
Karl Fulves Improvements 5
Karl Fulves The Filmed Version objectivity 5
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of The Effect on definition of effect 6
Karl Fulves White Line Problem not crossing a line during performance, no-touch conditionRelated to 8
Karl Fulves Block Analysis finding opportunity for method 9
Karl Fulves Traveling Sticker spectator sticks sticker on card, vanishes from card and reappears in case, no-touch conditionsRelated to 9
Karl Fulves Suicide Structure "all tricks are self-revealing" 11
Karl Fulves Boundary Value Problems counting interaction with spectators 11
Karl Fulves What's The Method? 12
Karl Fulves The Law Of Stupid Audiences spectators are not stupid 13
Karl Fulves Art Imitating Art magic doesn't imitate life 13
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of Method 14
Karl Fulves Mindreader's Dream can a real mindreader be fooled? 15
Karl Fulves Effect = Method 16
Tom Bowyer Probabilistic Power of Thought two shuffled decks, a match is likely 16
Karl Fulves ESP and Dice con bet with dice rolls 16
Karl Fulves Method Times Five one of five predicted, on multiple out principle 17
Karl Fulves Shadow vs. Substance 17
Karl Fulves Almost Card To Wallet spectator choses card and puts stamp on it, stamp disappears and travels to spectator's own walletRelated to 19
Karl Fulves The Word Machine on letter and word frequencies 23
Karl Fulves Four-Letter Words 24
Karl Fulves Loose Marbles 24
Karl Fulves The Frequent E 24
Karl Fulves Like English words that look like they belong to a language 25
Karl Fulves The King's English predicting a word that starts with y, indexRelated to 26
Karl Fulves Crypto Books thought on book tests and random numbers 27
Karl Fulves Crossed Words on probabilistic word divination 28
Karl Fulves The PERFECT Book Test description of conditions 29
Karl Fulves True Test Conditions progressive anagrams applied to book testInspired byRelated toVariations 30
Karl Fulves Addenda 32
Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-Ups 33
Karl Fulves Infinite Regress word play 35
Karl Fulves Real To Reel tape that records itself 39
Karl Fulves Super Sentences paradox sentencesRelated to 40
Karl Fulves Self-Reproducing Machines Related to
  • L. S. Penrose in Scientific American (June 1959)
Karl Fulves Hindsight 44
Karl Fulves Well Stacked self-duplicating set-up intro 45
Karl Fulves The Puritan Ethic self-duplicating set-up intro 48
Karl Fulves A New Genetic Code self-duplicating set-up intro 49
Karl Fulves Like Father self-duplicating set-up 50
Karl Fulves Shuffling Off To Eden self-duplicating set-up 52
Karl Fulves By Two And Two one riffle shuffle, then pairs turned up, when odd-colored, the next pair is also odd-colored, when match, then the next is match 54
Karl Fulves Centering one riffle shuffle, five cards considered, center card named when seeing some of the othersRelated to 55