Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

50 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves Flying Colors with airplane sight gag 2
Karl Fulves Concentrate! three mismatched pairs become matches 3
Karl Fulves Dream Detective card chosen from four red and four black cards, they're odd backed, some cards outjogged and injogged from deck 4
Karl Fulves Bootleg card transforms after weird selection procedure and comes out of shoe 7
Karl Fulves, Henry Christ Mathejack four jacks produced after some countingInspired by 9
Karl Fulves Topsy Transpo top and bottom card transpose 10
Karl Fulves Top to Bottom Reverse card levered up with third finger underneath as in Curry change 10
Karl Fulves Outnumbered packet, counting procedure, two mates found, no-touchRelated to 12
Jack Birnman And a Pair of Kings red kings change to black deuces, kings then reproduced, two more changes and pair produced from air, "Tens Routine"Variations 13
Unknown Paint Brush Double Change 14
Jack Birnman Push-In Revelation card moves out at back 14
Karl Fulves Aces In One "Always Cut the Cards" plot 16
Karl Fulves Ad Hoc Aces Inspired byVariations 18
Karl Fulves Frequent Flyer card peeked at and deck spread on table, AS slid under spread right next to selectionRelated to 20
Unknown Ribbon Spread Hide-Out 20
Karl Fulves Frequent Flyer - Sandwich Variation similar but selection ends up between two acesRelated to 21
Karl Fulves, Howard Wurst This Just In red aces in case change place with jack outside caseInspired byRelated to 22
Howard Wurst Fake Partial Insertion apparently inserting two cards into case, but one goes underneath 22
Karl Fulves Stack In The Box ace between jokers in case, ace suddenly outside and four kings in case 24
Karl Fulves Overcount Off the Deck here two as three 25
Karl Fulves Jacknife jack in box, aces outside, they transposeRelated to 26
Karl Fulves Quick Black Jack sandwich in case, center card penetrates case 27
Karl Fulves Shadow Self card chosen by spectator is reversed and changes into previous selection, two handlings 28
Karl Fulves No. 1 With A Bullet poker hand gets better every time it's displayed and the cards get bullet holes, posed as problemRelated to 30
Karl Fulves Hue Go red Four pushed face-down in face-up deck and changes into black Four 31
Karl Fulves Angle-Jog Push-In Change 31
Karl Fulves Redblackjack out of five cards spectator picks the right one to complete his blackjack, "The Red Prediction"Related toVariations 32
Roy Walton Strathjack Inspired by 33
Karl Fulves Staple Condition odd-backed card pushed halfway into deck, stapler moved over deck, card stapled to selectionRelated to 35
Bill Wisch Top Secret Count false counts off the top of the deck, over, under, hiding cardsVariations 39
Bill Wisch Block Pivot Technique 39
Karl Fulves Card Revelation in Packet 41
Bill Wisch Six Card Repeat Count 41
Karl Fulves Interspace nine-card packet, spectator turns a pair over anywhere, performer places card between them behind backVariations 41
John Scarne Master Glide Switch indifferent card on face after glide 42
Karl Fulves Reversed Card card vanishes from face of packet, reappears reversed in deck 43
Karl Fulves Turnover Glide card changes into selection 44
Karl Fulves Tenkai Book Turnover Comments 45
Karl Fulves Force Feed card in center sandwiched, as sandwich is pulled out it is switched for top cardRelated toVariations 46
Karl Fulves Triple Sandwich Location three selections, card found with sandwich cards, those change into other two selections 47
Karl Fulves Slapjack widely separated sandwich cards come to trap selection, sandwich cards remain outjogged, with variationsRelated to 48