Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Dai Vernon

235 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

(81 entries)

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Dai Vernon Foreword i
Bruce Cervon Introduction iii
Larry Jennings Introduction vi
Stephen Minch Author's Introduction viii
Elizabeth Wilson A Visit With Dai Vernon Biographical telling of Vernon's life with quotes and anecdotes highlighting the pertinent moments in is life (Elizabeth Wilson is Ron Wilson's wife) xi
Dai Vernon On the Turn of a Card revealing a chosen card (Leipzig, Rosini) 1
Dai Vernon On the Corner-Short locating a corner short card and other thingsVariations 2
Unknown Tapping on Table by some San Francisco Gambler, locating corner shortRelated to 2
Bruce Cervon Two Corner Short Controls overhand and riffle shuffle, using corner short 5
Harry Riser Estimation Help jogged corner short 7
Tom Gagnon Faro Control corner short next to selection unaffected by faro shuffle 7
Dai Vernon On the Scallop Short 8
Dai Vernon Enlarging a Break Related to 10
Dr. James William Elliott Breaking at the Injog 12
Dai Vernon Rotating the Break 15
Dai Vernon The Vernon All-Around Square-Up jogsRelated to 17
Dai Vernon Left Side Diagonal Insertion 17
George Bardosis A Curious Turnover-Pass 22
Dai Vernon, Henry Christ The Vernon One-Handed Shift see Curry reference for credit to Henry ChristRelated to 25
Dai Vernon Heel Break 26
Dai Vernon Glimpse from the Twirl Cut 30
Dai Vernon Subway Transfer for Two tabledRelated to 33
Dai Vernon Hindu Transportation bringing bottom two cards to the top 35
Dai Vernon The Hindu Double-Undercut Related to 36
Dai Vernon, John Rakinakis The Vernon Multiple False Cut 38
Dai Vernon The Vernon Simple False Cut 41
Dai Vernon On the Push-Through Shuffle 44
Dai Vernon The Loose-lift Display 48
Dai Vernon Vernon Push-Off 48
Dai Vernon The Loose Stud-style Display 51
Bruce Cervon The Cervon Loose-Pivot Lift 52
Dai Vernon On Tabling a Double Card 55
Dai Vernon On the Top Palm 57
Dai Vernon Capping a Packet at the pickup of a small packet 58
Dai Vernon Position 58
Dai Vernon Replacing the Top Palm three methods 61
Dai Vernon After the Bottom Palm tips for removing the left hand from the deck 63
Arthur Finley The Arthur Finley Diagonal Palm Shift 65
Dai Vernon The Packet-Display Palm Related to 68
John Rakinakis Lightening the Load small packet to tabled deck 72
Dai Vernon On the Palm Change 74
Dai Vernon On the Side Steal 76
Dai Vernon The Strip-out Addition two handlings 79
Dai Vernon A New Peek Control using finger nail 86
Dai Vernon The Shuttle-Cut Control 89
Dai Vernon, Dr. James William Elliott The Perfect-Pitch False Count recontructing Dr. James ElliotRelated to 90
Dai Vernon The Transfer Force angle jog handlingRelated toVariations 93
Unknown, Dai Vernon The Breather Crimp Related to 96
Dai Vernon, John Rakinakis, Dr. James William Elliott On the Second Deal tips 98
Dai Vernon The "New Theory" Double Deal see third method in Marlo referenceRelated to 100
Dai Vernon No Sleight Triumph Related to 105
Dai Vernon Half Pass 106
Dai Vernon The Second Campaign 113
Dai Vernon, Fred Black Fred Black Shuffle Variation credit information 113
Dai Vernon In Uniform eight cards small packet Triumph 117
Dai Vernon The Slow-Motion Aces - A Reassessment 121
Dai Vernon Aces in Excelsis fair layout 130
Dai Vernon The Fingerprint Card Trick Related toVariations 136
Dai Vernon A Match Made in Cincinnati performing Matching the Cards with a new deck, includes cutting to any named value 139
Laurie Ireland, Dai Vernon The Aeroplane Card Trick with repeat versionInspired by 144
Sam Leo Horowitz Second Steal 146
Dai Vernon Pseudo Duplicate 147
Dai Vernon The Two-Thirteen Trick Ace to Three are removed, named value transforms into selection 149
Dai Vernon Turnover Display second finger underneath leverage thing 152
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ, Dai Vernon Alignment Move 152
Stephen Minch Alignment Move credit information 154
Dai Vernon The Unadulterated Cutting the Aces Related to 155
Dai Vernon Spellout with a Hitch four-of-a-kind kickerRelated to 160
Dai Vernon The Rising Sun very clean phase, one-handed Tenkai Switch 164
Dai Vernon Oil Slick 4&4Related to 169
Dai Vernon Notes on the Three Card Monte torn card 180
Dai Vernon The Persistence-of-Vision Coin Vanish 185
Dai Vernon Five Coins and a Glass full routineInspired byVariations 191
Dai Vernon, T. Nelson Downs Coin Star 204
Dai Vernon Silk and Silver production, vanish, reproductionRelated toVariations 208
Bruce Cervon The Cervon Opening three coin production 209
Bruce Cervon A Shuttle Pass 210
Dai Vernon Slipping the Jit 226
Dai Vernon, Arthur Finley Crossed Destinies nice handlingAlso published here 229
Ross Bertram Counting Clip Steal as coins are counted into other hand 230
Dai Vernon, Ross Bertram Back Clip & Tenkai Pinch Handlings 231