Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Slydini

108 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Tony Spina Preface 2
Karl Fulves Introduction on close-up magicRelated to 3
Karl Fulves Slydini - A Brief Biography 5
Karl Fulves The Incident in Cuba Slydini anecdote 9
Karl Fulves A Story from Baton Rouge, La. Slydini anecdote 9
Slydini Basic Precepts - Slydini's Secret of Entertaining Audiences
- The Basic Starting Position (for lapping tricks)
- The Eyes
- Notes on Natural Magic
- Developing Grace
- Coordination
- Noise
- Some General Observations
- To Conclude
Karl Fulves Easy Routines and Moves chapter intro 17
Slydini Sightless Vision card divined behind back, corner torn off 17
Slydini Mongolian Clock 18
Slydini Impromptu Miracle packet counted, numbers added and card from face remembered 19
Slydini Psychology - Too Good to Be True coin vanish with lapping, psychology, too-perfect theory 20
Slydini The Sweep Technique 21
Slydini Sleeving 22
Slydini The Sleeving Switch 22
Slydini A Direct Palm with Checkpoints 23
Slydini Slydini on the Mock Pass with Checkpoints 24
Karl Fulves Basic Moves chapter intro 26
Slydini The Fake Take Variations 26
Slydini The Fake Drop 27
Slydini Applying the Moves short coin routine, vanish, reproduction and through the hand 28
Slydini Another Routine short coin routine, vanish, reproduction and through the hand 28
Slydini More on Coordination 29
Slydini Coordination - An Example retrieving a ring (or object) from behind cigarette case on table (not really lapping related) 29
Slydini Leave and Take on ditching items when picking up something else 30
Karl Fulves Fundamental Concepts of Slydini's Magic chapter intro 32
Slydini Slydini's Concept of Misdirection 33
Slydini Invisible Sleights 33
Slydini Misdirection vanish of object using lap 34
Slydini The Retrieval retrieving object from lap 35
Slydini The Handling of the Misdirection Vanish 36
Slydini Miniature Misdirection vanish using lap 36
Slydini Timing - Checkpoints
- Applying the Concept of Timing
Slydini Timing - A Simple Routine vanish using lap 39
Slydini Producing the Ball by Timing from lap 40
Slydini The Revolve vanish using lap
- Details of The Revolve
- Checkpoints
Slydini The Imp Pass 43
Karl Fulves Applying the Concepts chapter intro 45
Slydini First Routine packet of matches vanishes and is reproduced via imp pass, any object possible 45
Slydini Second Routine - Vanish and Production of a Ring 46
Slydini Third Routine ball vanishes, appears, repeat 46
Slydini Fourth Routine - Vanish and Recovery of a Glass glass of three inches height
- Notes on the Handling
Karl Fulves More Slydini Moves chapter intro 49
Slydini The Han Ping Chien Move - The Right Hand Only
- The Left Hand Only
see also p. 63 ff. for applications
Slydini A Simple Routine for learning Han Ping Chien 51
Slydini Slydini Technique for Palming a Cigarette - The Retrieval
- Checkpoints
Slydini Copter Control card inserted in fan is brought to top via temporary Tenkai palm 53
Slydini The Purse Frame sponge balls appear from purse frame, spectator's hand phase, small balls finaleRelated to 54
Slydini Destroyed and Restored Cigarette Variations 59
Slydini Torn and Restored Lit Cigarette 61
Karl Fulves Slydini's Coin Classics chapter intro 63
Slydini Six Coins and English Penny using Han Ping Chien 63
Slydini Six Coins and a Ring using Han Ping Chien 65
Slydini Six Coins using Han Ping Chien 67
Slydini Four Coin Routine using Han Ping Chien 68
Slydini Sound Shake Illusion sound comes from other hand 68
Slydini Two Coin Routine one in each hand, one travels through table 69
Slydini One Coin Routine eleven phases, featuring lapping vanishes, retrievals, hand penetration 70
Slydini The Helicopter Card half distributed on table, selection placed in other half travels onto tabled mess, five phases 75
Slydini Fan Steal in two phasesRelated to 75
Slydini Direct Fan Steal pushed in and stolen out 76
Slydini Paper Balls Over the Head 79
Slydini Poetry in Magic: The Close-Up Cigarette Production 85
Karl Fulves New Card Moves chapter intro 91
Slydini Drop Steal top cards lapped while inserting card near top 91
Slydini Flat Tabled Palm cards added from tabled deck to tabled packet 92
Slydini Card Mates card selected from spread matches prediction cardRelated to 93
Slydini Timing Lap while removing card from in-the-hands spread 93
Slydini Pick-Up Switch as tabled card is picked up 94
Slydini Card Mates - The Repeat card selected from spread matches prediction cardRelated to 94
Slydini Pick-Up Switch II as tabled card is picked up, open grip 94
Slydini Paper Balls in the Box Variations 96
Slydini Gypsy Thread Trick two methods 100
Slydini Production of a Glass of Liquid empty glass is suddenly filled, handkerchief cover, table edge glass switchRelated toVariations 103
Slydini The Slydini Switch table edgeRelated to 105
Karl Fulves Addenda 108
Karl Fulves The Second Book announcement 108