Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Slydini

118 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Dick Cavett Foreword v
Terry Cambro Tribute to Slydini vii
John Lucich Tribute to Slydini viii
Bill Wisch Tribute to Slydini ix
Scalzo Tribute to Slydini x
Abel Pabón Tribute to Slydini xi
J. P. Laramee Tribute to Slydini xii
Dennis Barlotta Tribute to Slydini xiii
Jim Cellini Tribute to Slydini xiv
Fred Gray Tribute to Slydini xv
Philip T. Varricchio Tribute to Slydini xvi
Johnny Ace Palmer Tribute to Slydini xvii
Karl Fulves Introduction Slydini's influence on close-up magic 1
Karl Fulves Close-Up Miracles chapter intro 5
Slydini Sweet Salt salt poured in spectator's hand and tasted, then vanishes from magicians hand, reappears but is now sugar, paper tube gimmick, salt simply lapped 5
Slydini Sugar Express sugar packet poured in hand, empty packet placed on hand, it travels back into packet 8
Slydini Encore Sponge Balls four balls vanish and reappear one at a time, follow up to "Purse Frame"Related to 10
Slydini Pop-Up Move with Sponges 10
Slydini Sponge Steal stolen from other hand and then lapped 11
Slydini Reincarnation torn in three pieces 12
Karl Fulves Slydini On Rope Magic chapter intro 15
Slydini Slydini's Cut Rope with repeat phase 15
Slydini Equal-Unequal Ropes starts with single piece 18
Slydini Slydini's Rope Knots knot appears at end of rope multiple timesVariations 22
Karl Fulves Cards In Close-Up 25
Slydini Slydini's Wild Card 25
Unknown Glide 26
Slydini The Slydini Aces aces pushed in center, stolen out 27
Slydini Slydini's Table Shift packet transferred from bottom to top during cut 28
Slydini Instantaneous Cop 28
Slydini Top Addition card in left hand under table edge are added to top 29
Slydini The Slydini Invisible Pass side steal type, also for single card from bottom to top 29
Slydini The Slydini Switch II Related to 31
Slydini The Torn and Restored Newspaper 33
Karl Fulves More Slydini Coin Classics chapter intro 42
Slydini Encore Coins six coins, three in each hand 43
Slydini Wrong Way Coins three coins in each hand, coins penetrate upwards 44
Slydini Imp Pass 45
Slydini Gemini Coins three in each hand, travel across at once, no Han Ping Chien 46
Slydini Coin Stack Steal from hand to hand 47
Slydini A Coin Gag coin given to spectator, vanishes before he reaches for it and is reproduced 48
Slydini Sliding Silver repeat vanish and appearance of a coin 48
Slydini Remote Lapping coin lapped with coin forward on table and not near edge 49
Karl Fulves The Coin Clip chapter intro 51
Slydini The Coin Clip three coins in each hand 51
Slydini The Repeat Version three coins in each hand, coin clip 54
Karl Fulves Slydini's Silk Knots chapter intro 56
Slydini The Granny Knot 57
Slydini The Square Knot 58
Slydini Notes On The Square Knot 59
Slydini Slydini's Two Silk Routine 59
Slydini Houdini Silks two linked silks unlink, two phases 64
Slydini Splitting The Knot as finale to "Two Silk Routine" 67
Slydini Slydini's Sympathetic Silks 70
Slydini The Ring On The String behind standing book, ends kept in view, string torn and twisted together again 76
Slydini The Torn and Restored Napkin Corner with repeat phase 78
Karl Fulves Slydini's Linking Rings chapter intro 82
Slydini Slydini's Linking Rings - Requirements
- Preparation
- First Situation
- The Other Situation
- The Opening Phase
- The First Link
- The Second Link
- An Unlinking
- The Exchange
- The Third Link
- The Final Unlink
- The Right Way
- The Routine Continues
- Unlinking the Rings
- The Second to eleventh Figure
- The Finale
Slydini The Steal Of The Key from behind chair 84
Slydini The Slydini Ring Count 86
Slydini The Close-Up Phase "It is probably safe to say that Slydini was the first magician to conceive of the idea of doing the linking rings as a close-up trick." 89
Slydini Key Ring Technique linking 90
Slydini Slydini's Link Technique 90
Slydini The Extended Key 90
Slydini The In-Motion Link 91
Slydini The In-Motion Unlink 91
Slydini The Ring Switch 92
Slydini The Spectator Sequence 93
Slydini Solid Through Solid 94
Slydini Instant Link with set of three linked rings 95
Karl Fulves Addenda 101