Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Dai Vernon

245 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

(87 entries)


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William Larsen Foreword i
Bruce Cervon Introduction iii
Stephen Minch Author's Introduction v
Robin Robin, Pamela Young Vernonana Portfolio Photos (with captions) of various Vernon-related memorabilia throughout history, collected from Bruce Cervon, Bill Bowers, Irene Larsen, Bill Larsen and Faucett. vii
Dai Vernon The Challenge Locations - The Bridge 1
Dad Stevens Setting a Bridge during tabled cut 2
Dai Vernon The Dual Crimp 4
Dai Vernon Corner Crimp 4
Dai Vernon The Scrape nailnick 8
Dai Vernon Nailnick 8
Dai Vernon Classic Force Finesse Related to 8
Dai Vernon, Unknown The Wallet Punch Related to 10
Dai Vernon Dual to the Death small packet 14
Dai Vernon Fishing Subtlety 16
Dai Vernon By any Other Name divided deck 18
Dai Vernon, Laurie Ireland The Slap Trick any numberInspired byRelated toVariations 20
Stephen Minch Push-Off Count and Pull-Down Move credit informationRelated to 22
Max Malini Moisture Double Laydown moisture through breathing 23
Dai Vernon Aces to Order any ace called for production 27
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Out of Sight and Mind II one of twelve, riffle shuffle set up handlingVariations 32
Dai Vernon Block Transfer Technique with Push-Through Shuffle 37
Dai Vernon Four Options multiple out location with an openly reversed Four-spotRelated to 41
Dai Vernon Two-Six-Four Royale any court card 44
Dai Vernon The Tale of the Treasury Worm with bill and sixth fingerAlso published here 49
Dai Vernon The Daivergent Silk with dye tubeVariationsAlso published here 55
Dai Vernon The Twirl Link ring spinning on the table/floorAlso published here 71
Dai Vernon The Threadborne Link no key ring 73
Dai Vernon The Peripatetic Walnuts walnuts travel one by one from hand to under can-covered glassVariations 80
Dai Vernon The Trick that cannot be Reconstructed transpositions on top of the deckAlso published here 89
Dai Vernon The Loving Couple three cards transpose in the deck with story presentationRelated to 94
Dai Vernon Depth Illusion 94
Howard Schwarzman, Charles Aste Jr. Tilt Finesse poking out cards in center 95
Dai Vernon Al 'n' Dai at the Hop one card sandwiched 98
Dai Vernon A Reblocking of "The Jumping Jack" 103
Dai Vernon Tenkai-palm Switch 104
Dai Vernon Floor Drop 108
Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps Out of Uniform 109
Dai Vernon Simplified Curry Change Related to 113
Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley The Rendezvous Force mathematical force, Penelope's Principle with Klondike instead of faro shuffleRelated toAlso published here 119
Dai Vernon Why am I Here? card found by counting down three times to apparently random valuesRelated toVariationsAlso published here 122
Dai Vernon All around Glimpse 122
Dai Vernon Hand-to-hand Spread Jog 124
Unknown Counting while Spreading 124
Frisbie Saunders Location by the Numbers counting thing, intersting 127
Dai Vernon Faro Slough Off 128
Dai Vernon Affinities piles are made, card is divined, mathematicalRelated toVariations 131
Dai Vernon Packet Calculator small packet, mathematicalRelated toVariations 134
Dai Vernon The Intelligent Leaper interlock, two handlingsVariations 145
Dai Vernon Interlock 146
Dai Vernon Driven to the Depths card travels inside faced deck 150
Dai Vernon Bottom Deal Spread Force like Bottom Deal Exchange 153
Dai Vernon The Corsican Climbers two cards, black Eights and NinesInspired by
  • "Doubly Ambitious" (Marlo & D'Amico, Classical Foursome, p. 10)
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 156
Dai Vernon Punched in the Face peeked at card instantly named, punch marked deck 158
Dai Vernon Out of Touch peeked at card instantly named, glimpse 164
Dai Vernon Out of Touch reversed card 164
Dai Vernon Sans Index named card to pocketRelated to 166
Bruce Cervon Thought-of Card to Pocket one of thirteen 167
Dai Vernon Vernon On Edward G. Brown's "Poker Hand Mystery" Mr. Lucky EffectInspired byRelated to 169
Dai Vernon Switch 171
Dai Vernon Aces by Proxy spectator shuffles and takes out any four cards, also with previous selections 173
Dai Vernon Proxy Switch 174
Dai Vernon Palming Position 174
Dai Vernon The Third Color spectator looses, double dealRelated to 180
Dai Vernon Tour Through the Outback one of ten is named, process of elimination produces same card 182
Dai Vernon The Top-Stock Riffle Reverse reverse order of top eight cards 186
Larry Jennings Eidetic 188
Dai Vernon Commanding the Colors shuffled deck is cut into piles, named color on top of each 192
Dai Vernon Snap Crimp 192
Dai Vernon It Stands Alone face up pile in deck turn over except one cardVariations 195
Dai Vernon Vernon's Creeping Reverse 196
Dai Vernon The Silhouette Change no cover, using gaffed card from HeamanRelated to 199
Fred Heaman Silhouette Card 199
Dai Vernon A Face in the Night reversed deck 202
Dai Vernon Riffle Glimpse reversed card in center 203
Dai Vernon A Sticky Solution sticky edges 207
Dai Vernon It's a Snap snap crimp 210
Dai Vernon Vernon On Gilbreath 212
Dai Vernon Nerves on Edge feeling face up and face down behind back 215
Max Malini Hypnotic Gaze Divination peeked at card instantly named, glimpse 219
Max Malini Gaze Step Glimpse Related to 219
Nate Leipzig Two-Deck Transposition 221
Nate Leipzig Leipzig on the Collins Ace Trick 224
Henry Christ Vanish for the Collins Ace Trick 229
Henry Christ Spell Detector small setupRelated to 235
Dai Vernon Stab Force greek break 240
Henry Christ The Christ Ace Trick 242