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Illustrated with photographs.
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Pit Hartling Acknowledgements 7
Simon Aronson Foreword - Good Things Come in Small Packages... 9
Pit Hartling Introduction 14
Pit Hartling Catch Me If You Can named card is found with sandwich cards in a deck, then in a second deck that hasn't been touched, with "Alternative handlings":
- Culling and forcing the detectives
- No culling needed: Two memorized decks
- Security method: No memorization necessary
Unknown Under-the-Spread Sandwich Load 19
Pit Hartling The False Frame of Reference on Darwin Ortiz' term 22
Pit Hartling The Heavyweight human scale, cut-off packets weighed and number of cut-off cards predicted 26
Unknown Bubble Glimpse brief 31
Dai Vernon Perfect-Pitch False Count Related to 34
Pit Hartling Sherlock selection found in deck shuffled by spectator, returns to stack, interlocking chainsVariations 40
Pit Hartling Close Encounters three cards inserted by spectator from another deck lie next to their duplicates 48
Pit Hartling Using a lift shuffle to cut the deck at a specific spot face-up shuffle 54
Pit Hartling Cutting a Card to the Top as utility or for "named card to top" 56
Pit Hartling The Core named card remains after reverse-faro procedure until single card remainsRelated to 60
Pit Hartling Thought Exchange performer and spectator each glimpse card in one half, they locate each other's cards, half stackInspired by 70
Unknown Incomplete Faro Peek one half stacked to get position of selection 73
Unknown Step Glimpse 74
Unknown Spread with Jog 76
Laurie Ireland Overhand Shuffle with Key overhand shuffle with a card at known positionRelated to 78
Pit Hartling Duplicity two poker hands dealt after spectator's riffle shuffle, exact deal duplicated with second deck by performer 80
Pit Hartling Echoes three selections predicted with their mates 92
Pit Hartling Truth and Artistic Truth 100
Pit Hartling The Poker Formulas any poker hand dealt, using printed formulas 102
Pit Hartling Just Like That performer and spectator each think of a card, they locate each other's cards 112
Pit Hartling, Denis Behr Quartets controlling named four-of-a-kind in memorized deckRelated to 116
Pit Hartling Top of the Heaps named four-of-a-kind comes to top of four piles 122
Pit Hartling Magical Thinking - Magical Gestures and Causality 128
Pit Hartling The Jennings Revelation with a named quartet Inspired by 129
Pit Hartling A Riffle Culling Demonstration named four-of-a-kind to top 130
Pit Hartling Murphy's Law last four cards in deck consist of named four-of-a-kind 132
Denis Behr Plop Replacement replacing multiple cards into a stacked deckRelated to 136
Paul Harris, Jay Ose The spectator (false) cuts the deck before the deal Related to 138
Pit Hartling Mental Snapshots on the spectator's recollection of key moments 138
Pit Hartling The Chosen spectator touches four cards, they're a named four-of-a-kind 140
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition right-hand version 144
Pit Hartling On free choices 148
Pit Hartling Identity four random card reversed in spread instantly transform into selections, then back 150
Pit Hartling, David Jade Ribbon Spread Hide-Out Transformation Related to
  • "When They Were Kings" (David Jade, Genii, Sept. 2010)
Pit Hartling The Illusionist performer cuts to named four-of-a-kind one by one, these cards then turn out to be four cards put in pocket in beginning 160
Denis Behr Fake Back-Pocket Placement 163
Pit Hartling Back-Pocket Load from thumb palm 165
Pit Hartling Prologues and Callbacks 167
Pit Hartling Four-Way Stop spectators stop at four cards during deal, they turn out to be named four-of-a-kind 168
Edward Marlo, Pit Hartling A Push-Off Third Deal Related to 175
Pit Hartling The Right Kind of Wrong four values cut to in one deck are used to count down to named four-of-a-kind in second deck 178
Larry Jennings Reaping the Aces I Related to 181
Pit Hartling The Stack-Dependents chapter intro 186
Pit Hartling Fairy Tale Poker eight-handed poker deal in which wanted hands appear, all hands full-house or better 190
Áriston To exchange the position of two cards Related to
  • Mnemonica, p. 339
Pit Hartling Quick Change performer finds straight flush to fit selection, then changes the card to make a Royal Flush to fit second selection, for Tamariz or Aronson stack 200
Pit Hartling Poker Night at the Improv all possible poker hands produced in increasing order, "Any Poker Hand the Magician Calls For" 210
Juan Tamariz Triple Antifaro 8-packet deal 213
Steve Beam Beam's Choice Production 216
Noel Stanton Pivot Color Change brief 220
Unknown Card Reverse bottom card pushed out and around, Bommerlunder Königswende 222
Pit Hartling Game of Chance color of every third card used in multiple phase gambling gameInspired byRelated to 232
Alex Elmsley Constant Stack Related to 243
Pit Hartling Last Word 247
Pit Hartling Bibliography 248