Written by Gary Kurtz

Work of Gary Kurtz

22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four #1 four coin production 1
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four #2 four coin production 3
Gary Kurtz Tumble Production 3
Gary Kurtz Multiple Transfer #2 stack from right hand thumb grip to left hand finger palm 4
Gary Kurtz Too Many Coins four coins vanish one by one 5
Mike Gallo Gallo Shuttle Pass with a coin fan 5
Gary Kurtz The Comeback four coins are produced from a spectator 7
Gary Kurtz Fingertip to Fingertip Drop Shuttle 7
Gary Kurtz G.K. Spectator Coins Across four coins acrossRelated to 8
Unknown Pop-up Steal 8
Jean Cocteau Death and The Gardener brief story by french writer and filmmaker Cocteau 11
Gary Kurtz Levels of Impossibility string cut into four pieces, pieces knot together very quickly and string is eventually restored 12
Gary Kurtz Well Spun wad of cotton turns into a string 13
Gary Kurtz Body Heat using Connie Haden's "Two Copper/One Silver" gaffRelated to 14
Gary Kurtz Two On One card signed on the back fuses with card signed on the front 16
Unknown Under-the-Spread Load 16
Gary Kurtz Moving to the Inside card travels between two file cards, which are stapled all around 17
Gary Kurtz Card Load Related to 17
Gary Kurtz Absence Travels two pieces of paper, both are punched with four holes, holes travel from one paper to the other 19
Gary Kurtz Mirror Image topological thing, words on paper held in front of a small mirror, they end up written backwardsRelated to 21