Written by Gary Kurtz

1995 ca.
Work of Gary Kurtz

24 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz.
Language: English

(21 entries)


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Gary Kurtz Forward 1
Gary Kurtz Relentless - Part One Arriving at the Table
1. Introducing the Purse Frame
2. Producing the First Two Dollars
3. Producing the Second Two Dollars
4. Producing the Penny
5. Replacing the Penny into the Purse Frame
6. The Double Transposition
7. Replacing the Penny in the Purse Frame (Again)
Unknown Ramsey Subtlety 4
Gary Kurtz The Open Position open palm display of purse frame with coins fingerpalmed 4
Gary Kurtz Nod Technique 4
Gary Kurtz Two for Two Optical Shuttle Pass 4
Slydini Slydini Action Coordination brief 5
Gary Kurtz The Simulated Pick-up with immediate lapping 7
Gary Kurtz Underhanded Retention Pass Switch 9
Gary Kurtz Relentless - Part Two Interlude
8. The Coins Through the Table
Al Schneider The Al Schneider Pop-up Move 11
Roger Klause Scraping Sound Illusion scraping underneath table 13
Gary Kurtz Pick-up Lap lapping coin in hand as other coin is picked up 14
Gary Kurtz The Han Ping Chien 15
Gary Kurtz, Mike Gallo Coins Through Table Kicker Surprise ReverseInspired by 16
Gary Kurtz Relentless - Part Three 9. The Bag Appears on the Purse
10. Four More Coins
11. The Penny Returns
12. The Penny Vanishes
13. The Penny is Found
14. The Purse Disappears and Reappears
Unknown Deep Classic Palm Subtlety 19
Gary Kurtz Lapping Coin into Purse 19
Unknown Screened Lapping under cover of arm 20
Gary Kurtz Relentless - Part Four Interlude
15. The Classic Han Ping Chien Coins Across
16. Coda: Closing the Circle
The Clean-up
Gary Kurtz Notes on Angles lapping surrounded 24