Written by Jay Sankey

Work of Jay Sankey

65 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(40 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Issue Page Categories
Jay Sankey The Price of Admission Torn and restored movie ticket Memorable Images 1
Jay Sankey A Short Fuse Two of Clubs (signed on face) fuses with Ace of Clubs (signed on back) to form double signed Three of ClubsRelated to Memorable Images 3
Jay Sankey The Tragicomic Keys key transposition, ends with both keys linking onto keyring Memorable Images 6
Jay Sankey Sugarless Gum Chewed up gum on wrapper transforms into fresh piece of wrapped chewing gum (marketed as Wrap It Up) Memorable Images 8
Jay Sankey A Match By Any Other Name... Lit match used to set all the matches in a matchbook on fire. Original match is restored, and then whole matchbook is restored to original condition Memorable Images 11
Jay Sankey Unscrewed Torn and restored borrowed bill where bill is seemingly "unscrewed" and "screwed" back Amazing Tricks 15
Jay Sankey Forbidden Fruit Foil wrapped chewing gum visually changes into folded selected card Amazing Tricks 18
Jay Sankey Broken English "Chinese characters" written on a wooden chopstick change into TWO OF HEARTS, divining the selection Amazing Tricks 20
Jay Sankey Transference Magician divines spectator's thought of card, then another spectator divines another's thought of card, then spectator locates his own card Amazing Tricks 22
Tenkai Ishida, Arthur H. Buckley, Edward Marlo Book Break Turnover Glimpse Uncredited in the notes Amazing Tricks 22
Frank Garcia Topper Tack Card outjogged in the middle of the deck is pushed in, top card is drawn out during wrist kill Amazing Tricks 23
Jay Sankey Unholy Restore torn holes on spiral notebook paper (bill switch) Amazing Tricks 24
Jay Sankey Voodoo Card signed and lost in deck, a white index card is folded in quarters and selected card is found folded in the deck. Then corner of selected card is burnt, and index card is found to be burnt in the corner too Amazing Tricks 25
Unknown Mercury Card Fold Description from 100% Sankey, written by Richard Kaufman Amazing Tricks 25
Jay Sankey Skin Deep Simple two card transposition Amazing Tricks 27
S. W. Erdnase, Harry Houdini Erdnase Color Change Amazing Tricks 28
Jay Sankey Revival Make light bulb held at fingertips suddenly flash brightly Amazing Tricks 30
Jay Sankey The Changeling Two initialed coins transpose, then fuse into one coin with initials on both sides Amazing Tricks 31
Jay Sankey Special Delivery Signed card appears in window envelope Tricks of the Trade 33
Jay Sankey, Allan Nacken Guaranteed Guarantee card transforms into signed selected card Tricks of the Trade 35
Jay Sankey The Pen Is Mightier Spectator unable to pull cap off the pen Tricks of the Trade 37
Jay Sankey Saved By The Bell Spectator dials phone number as indicated by seven cards on the table, message on answering machine reveals the spectator's selection Tricks of the Trade 38
Jay Sankey Bloodhound Coin that is rubberbanded to the face of the deck finds selection as card on the face changes into selection. Then, coin is rubberbanded onto the deck and penetrates into the deck, found next to selection. Tricks of the Trade 39
Jay Sankey B-I-N-G-O Spectator stamps on a bingo card behind his back, prediction revealed to predict where spectator made the stamp Tricks of the Trade 41
Jay Sankey Psychic Silver Magician predicts coin that spectator will take out with three other coins in the family, surprise ending of all the coins' dates matching Tricks of the Trade 43
Jay Sankey Cornered Circular hole in bill becomes square hole Tricks of the Trade 44
Jay Sankey Nothing Moved Circular hole in bill moves into/out of a circle drawn with a Sharpie on the bill Tricks of the Trade 45
Jay Sankey Instabank Cheque changes into hundred dollar bill Tricks of the Trade 45
Jay Sankey Stuck-Up Selected card found stapled between two other previously stapled sandwich cards Sankadelic Magic 46
Jay Sankey Stapled Packet Turnover Apparently show selection to be between two stapled cards, open reverse under cover of peeling off stapled cards Sankadelic Magic 48
Jay Sankey The Sleeves Up Pass Execute pass under the action of pointing to rolled up sleeves Sankadelic Magic 49
Jay Sankey Raising Sugar Cane Torn and restored sugar packet Sankadelic Magic 50
Jay Sankey What's In A Name? Name of spectator appears on predicted card Sankadelic Magic 51
Jay Sankey Pandora's Envelope Indifferent card in black envelope (with hole) changes into selection, then second signed selection appears visually in envelope Sankadelic Magic 52
Jay Sankey Extended Credit Credit card placed in envelope broken in half, then restored (Reprinted from Genii Magazine) Sankadelic Magic 54
Jay Sankey Sweet Bread Sugar packet and crumpled bill transposition Sankadelic Magic 56
Jay Sankey, Stewart James Mental Breakdown Spectator thinks of a card from a fan of six random cards, magician divines it (Princess Card Trick type of ending) Sankadelic Magic 58
Jay Sankey The Chop Suey Subterfuge Ball travels into cup held by spectator during Chop Cup routine Sankadelic Magic 60
Jay Sankey Ring-a-Ding Finger ring dropped into card case, selected card later appears rolled up in the ring Sankadelic Magic 62
Jay Sankey Break and Entry Coin penetrates salt shaker Sankadelic Magic 64