Written by Stephen Tucker

Work of Stephen Tucker

52 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Stephen Tucker.
Language: English

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Stephen Tucker Who's the dirty rascal? Lie detector effect, spectator spells "red/black" etc., finds selection at the end of the spelling, but rest of the deck is revealed to be blank 2
Stephen Tucker Stitches in time Triumph effect with pseudo-Bob-Hummer presentation/procedure, spectator "unmixes" deck themselves via long mathematical/Hummeresque procedureInspired by 3
Stephen Tucker, David Britland Footsteps Deck cannot be squared properly, cards keep sticking out - when forced to be square by tapping on deck, all the pips fall to one side of the deckInspired by 4
Stephen Tucker Just a few wrinkles... Mathematical card trick, spectator arrives at three digit number, performer uses three digit number to divine three cut-to cards and also spectator's ageInspired by 7
Stephen Tucker Breaking the Silence Weird card switch, card that is switched out ends up being bent in half 10
Stephen Tucker Doppelganger Four red cards transpose with four black cards. Selection (actually amongst the black cards) transposes with a red card in the red packet 12
Stephen Tucker Tried and twisted Four Aces shown, the Aces corresponding to the suits of two selections change into the selections, and then change back 14
Stephen Tucker Rock Around Ambitious card, but deck is then revealed to be wrapped in rubberbands around all the edges (Paul Harris's Solid Deception ending, with rubberbands)Inspired by 17
Stephen Tucker The inner limits Producing selection from behind a card/box using backpalming (pretty standard techniques) 19
Stephen Tucker Scanner Card thought of from packet of eight cards, cards slowly eliminated until thought of card is leftInspired byRelated to 22
Stephen Tucker Withdrawal Indifferent card flicked into deck, causes selection to be shot outRelated to 25
Stephen Tucker All Heart Diamond Cut Diamond effect with an extra two card transposition (two selections)Inspired by 26
Stephen Tucker The dance master First card found by fancy cut, second card found by counting down value of first selection + other random cardsInspired by 29
Stephen Tucker Raiders of the last ace Spectator cuts to random card, counts down to an Ace. Does this four times for four Aces 32
Stephen Tucker Indexlink Indices of three cards spell JAK, indicates they selected Jack. Three cards then change to other three Jacks. 34
Stephen Tucker Revealed Two Jokers and Ace of Spades: Ace of Spades alternates between pointing at spectator and magician, then Joker also keeps changing orientation, then all three cards change to Ace of Spades 37
Stephen Tucker Face eight card packet of Aces and Kings, spectator and magician able to separate Aces from Kings via freely selecting four cards eachInspired by 39
Stephen Tucker Finding new strength six card repeat, finale with only one card left (revealed to be selection) 41
Stephen Tucker Weekend Double Ambitious sequence with Marlo Tilt 43
Stephen Tucker Ambassador Card seen by spectator to be on top, random card removed from center of deck shown to be selection instead (sucker type effect) 44
Stephen Tucker Empress Blue deck sandwiched between two random cards, the two random cards end up sandwiching selection, rest of deck turns red 45
Stephen Tucker Mirage Single playing card vanishes, one quarter at a time 47
Stephen Tucker The Brail Deck Marking system by making indentations (similar to punching cards) 50