Written by Alan Shaxon

Work of Alan Shaxon

64 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis.
Language: English

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Alan Shaxon Make It Magical i
Michael Bailey Foreword ii
Alan Shaxon 20th Century Cane and Silks opening to a cabaret act
Two handkerchiefs are produced from the ends of a cane, tied together and rolled around the cane. The cane is wrapped in a newspaper, a third handkerchief transforms into a cane and in the newspaper the missing handkerchief is found, knotted in between the other handkerchiefs.
Alan Shaxon Tearing Up the News flash restoration 4
Alan Shaxon The Nudist Brainwave Deck named card is the only card in the deck with a face 7
Alan Shaxon Professional Cards to Pocket five cards travel to pocket, then they shrink and appear as jumbo cards in the pocketAlso published here 10
Alan Shaxon The Invisible Card and Envelopes An invisible though of card is put in an invisible envelope and sealed in an empty visible envelope. Envelope and correct card appear.VariationsAlso published here 12
Alan Shaxon A Perfect Jumbo Card Change Jumbo card put in a window envelope changes to another card 15
Alan Shaxon My Favourite Card Trick magician vs. gambler theme, then wrong cards appear in wallet 16
Alan Shaxon Television Mindreading with tv programs, all corners are torn from a magazine, two selected and numbers added to receive a number 20
Alan Shaxon The Jubilee Medallion number appears on medallionRelated to 21
Alan Shaxon Twisted Psychometry three cards change into selections, with a display board 23
Alan Shaxon The Great Directory Test Also published here 26
Alan Shaxon Sucker Serviettes with sucker explanation and different colored napkin 30
Alan Shaxon Smoking A Tin coin between tin plates, number appears on coin 32
Alan Shaxon Balloon to Rabbit balloon in hutch transforms into rabbit 34
Alan Shaxon Final Epic shaxon's mental epic board 38
Alan Shaxon Climax Newspaper Test prediction, clever way to force a piece of a torn newspaper 40
Alan Shaxon Cabaret Rabbit Vanish similar to a break-away box 43
Alan Shaxon The Magical TV Set children program, based on a box designed like a TV
- The Aerial
- The TV Times
- Tom & Jerry
- Commercial Break
- Egg Bag
- Commercial Time Again
- The Inevitable Western
- The Funnel and Foo Can
- The Givaway Show
- Sade the Seal
- Torn and Restored Serviette
- Radio to Rabbit
Alan Shaxon In Conclusion 63