Written by Sam Aaronson

Work of Various

23 pages (Stapled), published by Roche Magic Studio
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Sam Aaronson Introduction 1
Dr. Reuben Ligan Facing Your Audience 2
Dr. Reuben Ligan A Prediction spectator selects cards, on it is written a card in envelope, bad 3
Jack Miller Sliding Knot Also published here 4
Walter Coleman Follow the Leader 5
Walter Coleman A Suggestion for Card Workers spectator sitting on signed selection, sticking to his trousers 7
Art Johnston Predicto two cards, two way forcing deck with subtleties 8
Jim Luzzi The Helpful Joker two cards transpose in packets, story presentation 11
Sam "Cordé" Cohn Soft Soap silks shrink in washing box trick, part of "Dress Up Your Oldies" 12
Sam "Cordé" Cohn Cut & Restored Ribbon Up-to-Date part of "Dress Up Your Oldies" 12
Sam "Cordé" Cohn Coin Pail plastic coin pail, part of "Dress Up Your Oldies" 13
Dave Ossip, Irving M. Lewis Three Small Balls on handkerchief stretched between spectators 13
Dr. Norris F. Roach Trinidad Handkerchief Fantasy production of 8 to 12 silks, then large flag 14
Henry Bihari Card on Board thumb-tack 15
Henry Bihari Jumbo Card Trick deck in pocket, jumbo card produced from it which matches selection, changes into later second selection, Chicago Opener structure 16
Paul Morris Patter Bits 17
Slydini Vanishing Sponge Balls four balls vanish and reappear, lapping 19
Slydini Lapping Vanish with sponge ball 19
Max Katz That Torn Corner where to store torn corner 20
Max Katz Do You Play Casino? playing with light deck 20
Max Katz Counting the Cards spelling through a deck from ace to king 21
Max Katz With Dominoes predicting numbers at end of dominoes that are put together by spectator 21
Max Katz Magic Squares with Playing Cards 72 fundamental solutions to the card square with formula 21
Max Katz Mathematical Curiosities: Multiplication Short Cut 22
Max Katz Strange Change 22
Max Katz Wrong Number! 23
Max Katz A teaser calculation puzzle 23
Max Katz Favorite Number calculation in which favorite number appears nine times at the end 23