Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Gene Maze

73 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(54 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 202
Gene Maze Air Drop lapping 203
Gene Maze Multiple Card Switch with two no-lapping clean-ups 204
Karl Fulves EliminAces spectator finds four Aces 208
Gene Maze One-Card Switch lapping 209
Gene Maze Second Deal Switch no real second deal, lapping 210
Karl Fulves Going Once... one card through table 212
Karl Fulves Going Twice... two cards through table 212
Gene Maze Lap From Count as packet is counted 213
Karl Fulves Quinary Colors five reds and five blacks are shuffled, one color penetrates table 214
Gene Maze Had To Be see "EliminAces" 216
Gene Maze Single Palm Retention Switch one-handed, lapping 218
Karl Fulves Retention Mates Joker changes in box into mate of selection 220
Gene Maze Flip-Up Switch one-handed 220
Karl Fulves Scramble Gamble four cards change Ace of Hearts to make Royal Flush 222
Gene Maze The Trapdoor Switch 224
Gene Maze I Predict! two Aces are placed next to predictions 225
Gene Maze The Subtraction Move from packet 227
Karl Fulves The Error Corrected four red cards change to black to match selection 228
Gene Maze Poker Hand Switch 229
Gene Maze A Lap Move from small packet 231
Gene Maze Box Cop copped or loaded on outside, even with single card (!)Related to 232
Gene Maze The Snap Lap Switch 233
Karl Fulves Box Cop - Note card placed in box is palmed away 233
Karl Fulves Celestial Navigation red-backed and boxed card is selected from blue deckRelated to 237
Gene Maze Square-Up Loading in center of deck, tabled 238
Gene Maze Top Loading from lap 239
Gene Maze Experiment #1 from six card packet face up into deck 241
Karl Fulves The Educated Poker Hand different presentation for "Experiment #1"Variations 242
Karl Fulves Psychik Kards spectator chooses card needed to fill Royal Flush 243
Karl Fulves Game Planned 244
Karl Fulves Dragon's Curse prediction, reverse, back change 245
Gene Maze The Transfer Switch with three variations 247
Gene Maze Primary/Basic Grip hold-out position for card/packet 247
Gene Maze Experiment #2 four cards, four predictions change back color 251
Karl Fulves Further Solution see "Experiment #2" 252
Gene Maze Lever Switch 253
Karl Fulves Color Flash spectator shuffles small packets 254
Gene Maze Lever Switch small packet 254
Karl Fulves Black on Blue spectator shuffles small packets, all change to black, four change back color 255
Gene Maze Black Jack Switch 256
Karl Fulves Lottery spectator chooses right card to fill a 21 handRelated toVariations 258
Gene Maze Spectator's Choice magician ends up with Royal Flush 259
Karl Fulves Better Late mate of selection rises to top 260
Gene Maze Double Deal Switch 261
Gene Maze The Tabled Single 263
Gene Maze Unit Grip 263
Karl Fulves Jumper Up from deck to mates 265
Gene Maze One Hand Single Turnover with variation 266
Gene Maze Table Double Variation 267
Gene Maze, Seth Glass Maze/Glass Switch tabled, lapping 268
Gene Maze Tabled Double Lift Steal 269
Gene Maze The Glide Change lappingRelated to 271
Karl Fulves Color Cubed front and back change 273