Written by Theodore Annemann, John J. Crimmins Jr.

Work of Various

79 pages (Stapled), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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Max Holden, John J. Crimmins Jr. A Few Words... all tricks are from the Jinx
Theodore Annemann The Card on the Ceiling wax 1
Theodore Annemann The Undercover Mystery 2-card location with card through tray on floor 2
Theodore Annemann The Walk Around Discovery cards distributed on floor and selection located by standing on it 3
Theodore Annemann Locatrix selection is located behind back 5
Audley Walsh Audley Walsh Coincidence four cards selected turn out to be aces, lost again and dealt in poker handAlso published here 6
Audley Walsh Strip-Out Addition precursor 6
Audley Walsh Thumb Count Stacking 7
Dai Vernon Up and Down selections end up at predicted positions, anti-faro trick 8
S. H. Wimbrough Wise Guy Catch everyone sees how it's done except spectator on stage 9
Theodore Annemann A Story of Crime aces trap selection in deck, story presentationAlso published here 10
Audley Walsh The 32 Card Mystery Also published here 13
Stuart Robson The Card Angler card attaches itself on end of ribbon in hat 14
Otis Manning Aces of Eight!! eight aces used, brought from behind the back as wished 15
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Worth Knowing An Invisible Card Shiner, painting lacquer nail polish on hand 16
Stuart P. Cramer Les Cartes Par Hasard card thought of from the middle while riffled, multiple out after dealing into four piles 17
Unknown Worth Knowing named card to pocket, three cards which are mostly named 17
Dr. Jacob Daley A Paradox of Pairs 18
Theodore Annemann The Psychic Toothpick toothpick moves on its ownAlso published here 19
E. Leslie May The "ELM" Card Change signed card in pocket transposes with card in deck 20
Theodore Annemann The Card Unharmed business card in envelope is cut but unharmed 21
F. Jackson Restless Colors 22
Julian J. Proskauer The Torn Deck Trick deck is sawn or torn in half, two half card selected, they match and are previous selection 24
Bob Hummer A Card in Flight! card vanishes from deck and reappears at other side of window 25
Bob Hummer Clubs/Spades Gaff used to make a card vanish 25
Stewart James Queer Quest three cards found 27
Audley Walsh Your Fortune, Miss! method to switch and read billet with deck of cards as cover 28
Eddie Clever A Test of Power spectator doesn't find performer's card in ten chances, performer finds spectator's card, billet 30
Sidney Lenz Worth Knowing card appears in locked room 31
Dr. William Bates Subconscious Mystery one of four cards marked, shuffled in four piles, spectator choses pile with marked cards, dressing for Ace Assembly 32
Al Baker Nufind two key cards 33
Jean Hugard Follow Me key cards 35
Theodore Annemann Synthetic Sympathy two cards from different decks match 36
Theodore Annemann Alignment Move 37
Martin Gardner An Easy Lesson Also published here 38
Unknown False Cut 39
Theodore Annemann Impromptu Tricks Using A "Short" Card general remarks
A. Trimmed End
B. Broken Corner
C. Corner Short
Vincent Dalban The Miracle Speller 41
Gerald Kosky "Nuts to You" card is selected and matching miniature card found in chosen in walnut 42
Theodore Annemann Composite Routine spectator remembers card and its position, performer places card in pocket, turns out to be selections, three phases with different methods 44
Theodore Annemann The Migrating Pasteboard card travels from red half to black half, corner-short stranger card 45
Byron Churchill Decepto two faced cards are in deck, performer divines one of them 47
Henry Christ Lies! Lies! Lies! corner short or one-way back 48
Theodore Annemann The Modern Eye Popper short card used to simplify double lift 49
Russell T. Wise The Card That Isn't wrong tabled card shows up again, see also Fechter's "I've Got A Surprise For You!" 50
L. Vosburgh Lyons Impromptu Passing one thought-of card, envelopes 52
Unknown Snap False Count cards over-counted from top of deck 52
Dr. Jacob Daley, Theodore Annemann ACME Thought Card Pass with envelopes 53
Oscar H. Paulson Card Passe-Passe cards travel from performer's hand to spectator's pile, then into his pocket 54
Unknown Fan Steal Vanish 54
Martin Gardner Draw Poker Plus 57
Henry Christ Dead Man's Hand selection found and dead man's hand dealt to someone, incorporating audible shot for shock effectVariations 58
Harrison Give A Number featuring weird throw switch, mention of Svengali deck method 62
Unknown Gambler's Throw Switch weird 62
Dr. Jacob Daley "Ad Lib" Spelling two cards spelled to 62
Martin Gardner Preposterous 63
Martin Gardner Newspell 65
Theodore Annemann Jordan Plus Gardner 66
Martin Gardner Card Minded spectator divines card from other spectator 69
Martin Gardner Red/Black Overhand Shuffle 69
Edward Reese Tattle Tale Card number of cards is removed by spectator, performer produces spot card that indicates that number 70
Theodore Annemann The Touch That Tells performer divines number of pocketed cards with value of playing cards 71
Orville Wayne Meyer Card Box Sympathy performer and spectator choose the same card, using the prop "P&L Metal Card box" 72
Orville Wayne Meyer P&L Metal Card Box Switch 72
Theodore Annemann Wired Thought any person is phoned and asked to name a card, predicted by performer, index 73
Theodore Annemann The New Nightmare Effect selected card vanishes and turns out to be card previously removed 74
Theodore Annemann Peek Force Card glued long short card 74
Clayton Rawson The Force That Couldn't Be Done spectator cuts, bottom pile secretly turned over 76
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force portion cut and turned over, then deck secretly turned over 77
Tom Bowyer Indetectable Shift-Palm improvement (?) on DPSRelated to 78