Written by Ben Harris

Work of Ben Harris

88 pages (Stapled), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(31 entries)

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Michael Ammar Foreword ii
Ben Harris Author's Word 1
Ben Harris Angel Aces production of four AcesAlso published here 6
Unknown, Frederick Braue Table Braue Reverse 7
Nate Leipzig Spin Pass Produce one card after spinning packet out of middle of deck 8
Ben Harris, Jerry K. Hartman, Bruce Elliott Super Snap Out Snap card out from Kelly Bottom Placement 9
Ben Harris Coin Arc Produce arc of four coins on table with a wave of hands 11
Ben Harris Snap Elevator Sandwich Card instantly appears between red Queens placed on top of deckRelated to 13
Ben Harris Quick Queens Similar to Snap Elevator Sandwich, different handlingRelated to 16
Ben Harris Killer Elevator Sandwich (K.E.S.) Also published here 18
Bert Allerton The Allerton Move 18
Ben Harris Melt Down Wrong card splits into two selectionsInspired byRelated to 23
Ben Harris Singular Brainwave Named card shown to have odd back 28
Earl Nelson Slow Motion Top Change 29
Ben Harris Blendex Odd backed card stabbed into deck by spectator to find selection. Odd backed card vanishes, appears fused onto the back of the selection. Magician then peels the fused card apart. 31
Ben Harris Transit Thought Card that has been palmed "invisibly" transposes with physical card under spectator's hand, turns out to be mentally selected card 36
Ben Harris Killer Ambitious Multi phase Ambitious card routine 42
Ben Harris Koin Seel Way to conceal coin in hand, variation of Down's Palm 49
Ben Harris Bare Handed Spellbound One handed coin change 51
Ben Harris Dazzle Change two coin transpositionVariations 53
Ben Harris, J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch Variation Done as a coin transformation 53
Ben Harris Rendezvous Rise Sandwich done as a card "rising" to meet the sandwich cards 55
Ben Harris Outflashed Jack Card placed in between Jacks changes places with another card visually 57
Ben Harris Twin Inspiration Flashy production of two chosen cards 60
Ben Harris The Twin Inspiration Move 61
Ben Harris Konverge Kings Producing four Kings using Twin Inspiration MoveRelated to 65
Srechko Howard, Paul Harris, Ben Harris Float-Flip-Flight Half of the deck floats up, then selected card shoots out of deck 69
Ben Harris Super Cruel Triumph Triumph effect with color changing back kicker, half the deck is of different color 72
Dai Vernon The Vernon Triumph Shuffle 74
Ben Harris Deck Snap Visual color change of card that is face up on top of the deck 76
Ben Harris Thanx 79