Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Gene Maze

72 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(46 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 275
Gene Maze Tabled I tabled top change 276
Gene Maze Tabled II tabled top change 279
Karl Fulves Note 3 card on top, mates appear face down around it 281
Gene Maze Tabled III palming card while showing top card 281
Gene Maze Tabled IV palming card while showing top card 282
Karl Fulves Slick Ace two packets, two aces on top of each 284
Gene Maze Tabled V tabled top change 285
Gene Maze Face-Up I see Tabled III, but face up deck 286
Gene Maze Face-Up II see Tabled III, but face up deck 287
Gene Maze Dead Deck Steal as top card is shown, tabled 288
Karl Fulves And Counting with tranformation kicker 289
Gene Maze Add-On Subtract 292
Karl Fulves In Re Hofzinser Aces all transform at the end 294
Gene Maze Bottom Deal Switch wrist turn 298
Gene Maze Bottom Deal Switch idea 299
Gene Maze Boomerang Switch one-handed bottom deal 299
Gene Maze Hand To Hand Toss top two cards of two piles tossed across, they changeRelated toAlso published here 300
Gene Maze Square-Up Bottom Steal tabled, kind of Rear or Tenkai Palm 302
Karl Fulves Four On The Floor off-beat presentationRelated to 304
Gene Maze Square-Up Bottom Steal Tenkai/Rear Palm, tabled 304
Gene Maze Maze Fan Steal 305
Gene Maze Finger Roll Switch 307
Gene Maze The Deal Switch Variations 308
Karl Fulves Second Method Inspired by 311
Karl Fulves Third Method Inspired by 311
Gene Maze Vanish From Sandwich card is palmed out as sandwich is shown 312
Gene Maze The Sandwich Switch bare handed, palming, two methods 313
Gene Maze Switch Plus Transfer plus unloading packet under pack 317
Karl Fulves Spread Swindle tabled spread, palming 320
Karl Fulves Carte Blanche cards become blank 322
Gene Maze Signed Card To Wallet signed card - effect 324
Gene Maze Spectator Aces - new version three methods 326
Gene Maze Trapped In The Deck three cards perpendicular throughout 329
Gene Maze The Visitor Returns 332
Gene Maze A Case In Mind selection from small packet penetrates case to the inside 334
Gene Maze Second Deal Lap 335
Gene Maze Triple Coincidence three cards match to prediction cards 336
Gene Maze Twin Transpo two decks are shuffled by spectator, top cards match and transpose (backs)Variations 337
Karl Fulves Second Method Inspired by 338
Gene Maze No-Cover Aces 338
Gene Maze Illusion Only red-backed card turns blue and back red again 340
Gene Maze The Magnetic Card 341
Gene Maze Manhattan Transfer 3&3, two phases 342
Gene Maze Jack In The Box card literally leaps up out of the case 344
Gene Maze Propel Lap Switch tabled, described with a card case 344