Written by Stephen Hobbs

Work of Gene Maze

197 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

(76 entries)

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Richard Kaufman Introduction ix
Darwin Ortiz Foreword xi
Stephen Hobbs Preface xiii
Gene Maze Acknowledgements xvi
Gene Maze Basic Bottom Deal - Overview
- The Left-Hand Grip
- The Right-Hand Grip
- The Dealing Action and the Take
- Deck Thickness
- Dealing Style
- Noise
- Cover (Sweep Cover)
- Attitude
- On the Maze Bottom Dealing Grip
Gene Maze Underhand Stud Bottom Deal - The Overhand Stud Deal
- The Underhand Stud Deal
- The Underhand Stud Bottom Deal
- The Concealed Back
Gene Maze The Switch-Out Sequence for small packet, Daley's Last Trick application 21
Gene Maze The Underhand Stud Second Deal brief 22
Gene Maze Double Deal - The Left-Hand Grip & Dealing Action
- The Right-Hand Take
Gene Maze Back-Take Bottom Deal - The Left-Hand Grip
- The Dealing Action and the Take
Gene Maze One-Handed Bottom Deal - The Left-Hand Grip
- The "Get-Ready"
- The Dealing Action
- The Side Toss Dealing Action
Gene Maze One-Handed Bottom Deal Control 37
Gene Maze The Maze Center Deal - The Maze Center Deal Get-Ready
- The Left-Hand Center Deal Grip
- The Dealing Action
- The "Take"
Gene Maze Table Replacement Control selection cut into tabled deck followed by riffle shuffle 48
Unknown Automatic Rear Jog with hidden card, brief 50
Gene Maze Push-Through Subtlety tilting deck for strip-out 52
Gene Maze Second Deal Lap Related to 55
Gene Maze Bottom Deal Lap dealing top card and lapping all cards underneath, clean-up for packet tricks, brief 56
Gene Maze Unit Grip discussion of position 57
Gene Maze Triple Threat three selection shuffled face-up into three piles, three numbers named and selection appear at those numbers face-up 62
Gene Maze The Zodiac Card card placed reversed in deck, its value counted from this position leads to selectionRelated toVariations 63
Gene Maze Odd Man Out spectator stops at only black card in 15-cards-packet or red cards 66
Gene Maze Cased Lightning deck in case and window on side of case, aces apparently dealt out of this windowInspired by 67
Gene Maze Separation Steal deck put in case and some cards loaded to outside of case 68
Gene Maze Miss-Matched two cards stopped at, they're not mates, but mates are found when dealing twice to their added value 70
Martin A. Nash Up-and-Down Shuffle transferring top cards to bottom during riffle shuffle 70
Gene Maze Match-Missed two cards stopped at, they're not mates, then first card changes into mate of second card 74
Gene Maze MindBreaker spectator choses card in blue-backed deck, rest changes to red cards, inverted Brainwave 76
Gene Maze Packet Turnover Lap lapping card as packet is turned over in handRelated to 77
Gene Maze Follow the Joker ten Jokers and ten blank cards, bottom deal and second deal handlings 80
Gene Maze Passing Through push-through failure with two odd-backed halves, three mate pairs in other half 82
Gene Maze Return Trip one deck dealt through and two cards are reversed when spectator calls stop, push-through failure with second deck, mates next to reversed cards 86
Gene Maze Double Deal Aces spectator stops twice during deal and those two cards are reversed, on either side of each card aces are found 90
Gene Maze Magnetic Attraction spectator stops twice during deal and those two cards are reversed, on either side of them are the mates of opposite color 92
Gene Maze Open-Face Poker Stock apparently aces stacked with one shuffle, then fours with one shuffle 93
Unknown Double Deal Stacking 93
Gene Maze Inverted Poker push-through failure with aces that are then reversed in position for dealing 95
Gene Maze Big Oversight aces put on top, instantly poker hands are dealt out and aces receivedInspired by
  • "Oversight" (Roy Walton) & Duffie variation
Dai Vernon Strip Out Addition 99
Gene Maze Duo-Mental two selections in two piles end up at same position, using one-handed bottom deal 104
Gene Maze Mated cards dealt from both hands simultaneously, stopped several times, mates each time 106
Gene Maze "5 & 10, Not the Store" two cards find mates, then a coin appears under each pair 109
Gene Maze Face-Up Locator spectator stabs card next to selection 112
Gene Maze One-Handed Open Double Deal apparently top two cards are dealt on table one-handed, really one comes from bottom (Michael Skinner?) 113
Gene Maze Toss-In locator card tossed into dribbled cards, but not next to selection, it transforms into selectionRelated to 114
Gene Maze Caught in the Act selection trapped between sandwich cards in center of deck with faro shuffle 116
Gene Maze Sympathetic Thoughts Passing Through two selection from two decks match, then are exchanged via push-through failure 118
Gene Maze Criss-Cross two black queens should be followed by spectator and eventually transform into red queensRelated to 120
Gene Maze The Flying Color Change top card of deck is spun into air and changes, actually one-handed bottom deal 123
Gene Maze Mirror Image indicator card is counted down to from both sides of faced deck, mates, center deal 128
Gene Maze Center Deal Mated: Nos. 1 & 2 two methods, using center deal 130
Gene Maze Control of the Colors using center deal, Spade Flush finaleInspired by
  • "Shades of Bill Simon" (Gene Maze, Wonderful Routines of Magic - First Addendum, 1973)
Gene Maze Unit Grip Addition two cards become 5 135
Gene Maze Hard Way Poker first real riffle stacking, then pseudo one-shuffle stack, actually center deal 137
Gene Maze A Touch of the Mentalist three cards each, with suggestion by Wesley JamesVariations 140
Meir Yedid A Touch of the Mentalist Variation Inspired by 144
Gene Maze Daley's Ghost 146
Gene Maze The Mexican Turnover (Maze Handling) 148
Gene Maze Ace to Five Reprise 151
Gene Maze Maze Cards Across ten red and ten black cards, three cards travel across to different positions in other packet 154
Gene Maze Deal Steal Deal Cop handlingRelated to 154
Gene Maze Wild Card Nos. 1 & 2 No. 1: front and backs change
No. 2: routine with three selections
Gene Maze Basic Unit Grip Switch 160
Gene Maze Blockbuster Aces with poker hands in all packets as finale 166
Gene Maze Ezam Aces three cards put on each of the face-up aces, they turn face down, then face up again, then backs change color 168
Gene Maze "Going Up!" four jacks, three cards dealt on each, they travel upwards to different positions in their packets 171
Gene Maze Uncle Charlie's Aces ace assembly, then 3 card transposition 173
Gene Maze Mercury Aces 176
Gene Maze Unit Grip Addition onto packet 177
Gene Maze Packet Mexican Turnover packet turned over with single card 179
Gene Maze Maze's Progressive Aces using two bottom deals and two switches 181
Unknown Book Break with packet 185
Gene Maze Unit Grip Steal from small packet 186
Gene Maze Unit Grip Addition to small packet 188
Gene Maze Disassembly of the Aces 189
Stephen Hobbs Select Bibliography (With Annotations) sources for false dealing and for Gene Maze's work 192