Written by Ken Simmons

Work of Ken Simmons

57 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Creati Graphics.
Language: English

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Ken Simmons Preface vii
Jerry Mentzer Foreword ix
Ken Simmons Pull Out Techniques - Positions four positions/orientations of cards under mat at table edge 1
Ken Simmons Pull Out Double Lift adding card to single card from beneath mat at table edgeRelated to 2
Edward Marlo Double Flip Down see also p. 10 3
Ken Simmons Pull Out Visual Change back-to-back, addition from table edge, two handlings 4
Ken Simmons The Double Change card changes and then backRelated to 5
Ken Simmons Pull Out Retention Switch card turned over at table edge, addition from under mat, no-palmRelated to 5
Ken Simmons Another Fantastic Move turnover pass & future reverse comboRelated to 9
Ken Simmons A Further Fantastic Move Tilt Half Pass & Future Reverse comboInspired byRelated to 9
Ken Simmons The Push Change tabled double pushed forward and face card unloaded 10
Ken Simmons Running Card Plus Control card reversed and controlled during running cut sequenceInspired by 11
Ken Simmons The Tabled Steal during tabled shuffle in perpendicular or normal position, can also be loaded under mat 12
Ken Simmons Pivot Steal right hand palm as small packet is displayed 14
Ken Simmons The Spread Load loading card under mat from small packet, four methods 15
Ken Simmons, Dan MacMillan A Technical Variation of the Secret Card Add from Gambler's Palm
- As a Tabled Turnover
Inspired by
  • "Secret Card Add" (Dan MacMillan, Gambler's Palm Revisited)
Ken Simmons Center Clip Control clip side steal to bottom with decoy moment 18
Ken Simmons, Dan MacMillan OHTOS as a Packet Switch just a noteInspired by
  • "The One Hand Turn Over Switch" (Dan MacMillan, Gambler's Palm Revisited)
Ken Simmons A Color Change two methodsInspired by 20
Dan MacMillan The Pen-tastic Move writing with card palmed 22
Ken Simmons Interlaced Transposition three selections between kings travel to between aces, then in repeat the quartets transpose 25
Ken Simmons Color Transposition ten red cards, ten black cards, selection travels into other packet 27
Ken Simmons Direct Transposition top cards of two packetsInspired by 28
Ken Simmons Visual Transposition card on face with card reversed in center, two methodsInspired by 29
Ken Simmons Impossible Transposition card reversed in deck with card held by spectator 31
Ken Simmons A Triumph For You two selections, Triumph with one selection face-up in center, cards re-spread, now second selection in center and first in pocket 31
Unknown Riffle Force break 32
Ken Simmons, David Solomon Variation of a Triumph Inspired by 33
Ken Simmons Open Prediction Re-Opened four methods, using card under mat techniques 34
Ken Simmons With Card in Hand Interlaced Transposition, aces with three selections between spectators hand, kings outside, kings become aces, then selections appear between them 35
Ken Simmons Here, There and Back two selections travel to 2 sandwiches, then vanish, then sandwiched again in deck 37
Ken Simmons This is Your Card! freely chosen card is earlier selection, four methods 39
Edward Marlo Card Transfer from tabled packet to tabled packet 40
Ken Simmons Pick-Up Switch tabled card picked up in end grip, lapping 41
Ken Simmons Touch Any Card reversed card changes into selection, value used to find other card, two methods 42
Ken Simmons A Startler card changes face-up under spectator's hand 44
Ken Simmons Sophisticated Collectors "Actually, the above title should be 'Bold Collectors.'" 44
Ken Simmons The Interlaced Vanish "The following routine is a monster" 45
Ken Simmons Instant Departure Inspired by 47
Dan MacMillan The Educated Poker Hand card travels from Royal Flush packet to deckInspired by 49
Dan MacMillan Lottery three cards face-down on table, spectator puts ace on the right one to complete a blackjack handInspired byVariations 50
Ken Simmons Playing Against Odds spectator selects right card from 5-card packet to complete blackjack hand, three methodsInspired by 51
Ken Simmons Technicolor Playing Against Odds spectator selects right card from odd-backed 5-card packet to complete blackjack hand, then this card changes back color to match 53
Ken Simmons Technicolor Playing Against Odds No. 2 spectator selects right card from odd-backed 5-card packet to complete blackjack hand, then other four cards change back color 54
Ken Simmons Returning to the Scene of the Crime three jacks cut in deck, last jack under spectators hand, aces find jacks, jacks vanish and reappear under card under spectator's hand, story presentation 55
Dan MacMillan On the "Sleeved Card Retrieval" correctionRelated to 57