Written by Paul LePaul

Work of Paul LePaul

219 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Paul LePaul Invisible Turn-Over Pass 29
Paul LePaul A Flourish And A Pass deck spreads itself between handsRelated toVariations 35
Paul LePaul The Color-Change (Side Steal Method) side-steal method 39
Paul LePaul The Side-Steal 45
Paul LePaul Peek with Fingertip-Grip for Demo 46
Paul LePaul Riffling while holding the break 47
Paul LePaul The Right Hand Top-Palm group method 52
Paul LePaul Right Hand Top-Palm Single Card MethodVariations 54
Paul LePaul The Erdnase Bottom-Palm (improved) Related to 55
Paul LePaul A Bottom-Card Steal 58
Paul LePaul The Diagonal Left Hand Palm (Improved Method) Related to 61
Paul LePaul Left Hand Center-Card Steal from spectator peek 64
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading the deck with palmed cardAlso published here 67
Paul LePaul The Flip-Over Double-Lift hit liftRelated to 69
Paul LePaul Snap Over snapping off the second finger 73
Paul LePaul The Snap-Over Double-Lift Related to 73
Paul LePaul Holding Back two cards while dribbling the cards 74
Paul LePaul The Top-Change four methods 77
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Change Variations 82
Paul LePaul The Second-Deal (Improved Method) biddle/end grip 85
Paul LePaul A Rapid One-Hand Deal Related to 87
Paul LePaul A Rapid One-Hand Second-Deal 89
Paul LePaul The Bottom-Deal (Simplified Method) Related toVariations 90
Paul LePaul A Natural Jog-Control Related to 93
Paul LePaul A Fancy Control flip-over cutsVariations 96
Paul LePaul A Deceptive Crimp Location card is crimped lengthwise 98
Unknown Closing A Fanned Deck with One Hand 100
Paul LePaul An Automatic Jog-Control Related toVariations 101
Paul LePaul A False Waterfall Shuffle 104
Paul LePaul A False Riffle Shuffle using Automatic Rear Jog procedure 109
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Palm Flourish fan production 115
Paul LePaul A Card Fan Flourish fan production 119
Paul LePaul The Vanish and Reproduction of a Deck of Cards 124
Paul LePaul A Vanish And Reproduction Of A Deck Of Cards 124
Paul LePaul How Close Can You Watch? Transposition of two complete decks 131
Unknown Flushtration Hindu Shuffle 132
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception five red backed cards and one blue backed card change into five blue backed cards and one red backed cardRelated toVariations 135
Paul LePaul Mistaken Identity transposition with odd-backed card 140
Paul LePaul The Substitution Envelope Mystery selection changes places with a card in an envelopeVariations 143
Paul LePaul Finessed Glide see also page 140Related toVariations 144
Paul LePaul The One-Eyed Jacks 146
Paul LePaul A Magical Transposition 149
Paul LePaul Cover for the Top Change 149
Paul LePaul A Paradox Of Pairs 151
Paul LePaul An Unexpected Climax 155
Paul LePaul, Dr. Jacob Daley Bottom Card Steal as a Switch gambler's cop as a switch using a double 156
Paul LePaul A Perfect Stop Effect cards removed one at a time from pocket by performer until spectator stops, card held at that time is selection 159
Paul LePaul Impromptu Torn And Restored Card Variations 161
Paul LePaul A Quadruplicate Mystery four spectators each find their selectionRelated toVariations 165
Paul LePaul, Dr. Jacob Daley Palm Switch Handling 167
Paul LePaul Color Segregation 169
Unknown Red-Black Shuffle no credit given, "shown to me by Downs" 170
Unknown Longitudinal Crimp 170
Paul LePaul A Deft Illusion 175
Dai Vernon Double Undercut 176
Paul LePaul Bottom Glimpse as Switch 176
Dr. Jacob Daley, Paul LePaul The Bashful Queens Three Queens on the table change to indifferent cards. All four Queens are found in four different pocketsRelated to 179
Paul LePaul A Reverse Card Routine 183
Unknown Classic Pass Half Pass very brief 185
Paul LePaul Covered Turnover under cover of half fanned pack 187
Unknown Push-Up Change 188
Paul LePaul An Impromptu Rising Card Effect Related toVariations 190
Paul LePaul Transposition of the Four Aces Variations 194
Unknown Snap-Over Change 196
Paul LePaul The Hand Picked Aces bluff spacing in fanRelated toVariations 199
Paul LePaul Aces Up! Variations 203
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch no credit 204
Paul LePaul The Gymnastic Aces The Aces literally leap one at a time out of the deck!Variations 207
Paul LePaul Cut Shift series of cuts from Hindu position 209
Paul LePaul Cards in a Sealed Envelope Related toVariations 214