Written by Paul Harris

Work of Paul Harris

153 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Cynthia Lynn.
Language: English

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Paul Harris Foreword on the performance of close-up magic
Paul Harris Bushwhacker card penetrates other cards, apparently three cards used, no slitAlso published here 1
Paul Harris Seductive Switch "switching" a folded card with unfolded card, using an impromptu fake indexAlso published here 10
Paul Harris Sensuous Shuffle Triumph/Reverse routine with deck in incomplete riffle shuffle position, halves turn over and rise upRelated to 20
Paul Harris Cab Fare four jacks travel from deck to case, proposition bet presentation 37
Paul Harris Limousine Service aces and jacks, jacks travel to card caseRelated to 43
Paul Harris Fan Dance spectator's initials on small piece of cardboard, it moves up and down a fan and vanishes, initials appear on selection 50
Paul Harris Air Of Mystery 59
Paul Harris Easy Air 66
Mike Giles, Patrick Snowden, Dana Betz, Paul Harris Deja Vu four coins vanish from left hand at once and reappear under four cards 69
Patrick Snowden Snowden Clink click pass using playing card 70
Michael Ammar, Paul Harris Michael's Proposition final phase for a matrix type routine, last card ends up under spectator's handAlso published here 75
Jay Sankey, Paul Harris "10" Ace, Two, Three and Four are squeezed together into jumbo Ten spot, blendoVariationsAlso published here 79
Terry LaGerould Looker turning the head of a lady used for mating effect 85
Paul Harris Blue Tattoo changing back color of deck one by oneVariations 87
Paul Harris Tabled Hindu 96
Paul Harris Unhinged full deck in case is folded in halfAlso published here 101
Paul Harris Sleight of Ear using sound effect for two card transposition, then one card appears stapled to card case 111
Unknown Revolve Force revolving top half, discrepant 111
Paul Harris Bleached Blonde a Queen is "bleached" blank and changed back to a queen, no gaffsVariations 117
Paul Harris Too Slick slick card presentation for open second dealing, apparently slick card does other weird things 133
Paul Harris Sweet Stuff coin and sugar in sugar packet change placesAlso published here 140
Paul Harris Wonder Woman cards laid out on table in figure configuration, fortune telling presentation 147