Written by Erik Nordvall

Work of Erik Nordvall

18 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Erik Nordvall Spectator Cuts the Aces Non-gaffed Deep Guilt Aces, spectator cuts the deck into four piles and top card of each pile is an AceInspired byRelated to 1
Unknown Bottom Deal 2
Unknown The Double Deal 2
Unknown Side Steal 3
Erik Nordvall MAP - Mental Aces to Pocket Spectator thinks of an Ace, magician correctly divines it, then all the Aces turn into selected Ace, then selected Ace disappears, then in the pocket are the other three Aces and only the selected Ace is left in the hand 4
Edward Marlo Diminishing Lift Sequence 4
Erik Nordvall Twisting Travellers Four Queens turn face down one by one and then change to Aces. Two Queens found in the deck, two Queens in two different pockets. Then Aces are gone, and found in four different pockets. 7
Erik Nordvall Out of Outs Variation of Out of Sight Out of MindInspired by 9
Erik Nordvall Named Do As I Do Spectator names a card and removes a card from the deck, revealed to be named card. Magician then does the same 12
Erik Nordvall Spread Force Handling Simple hand-to-table variation of Hofzinser Spread Force with cull 13
Boy Tua Talok A Trick by Boy Card is selected from face up spread, then card vanishes and appears stuck on spectator's back 14
Erik Nordvall The Four Card Location four spectators each select a card fairly, you find themInspired by 15
Tom Stone Gap Drive Coin travels from hand to elbow and backInspired by 16
Tomas Blomberg A Band On After doing Penetrating Rubber Bands / Crazy Mans Handcuffs, one of the rubberbands vanishes and appears looped on performer's earInspired by 17