Written by Handsome Jack, John Lovick

Work of John Lovick

220 pages (Hardcover), published by Squash Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by John Lovick, Robin Fuqua.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Lovick Acknowledgements iv
John Lovick Foreword ix
Handsome Jack Preface xiii
Penn Jillette, Teller Introduction xv
John Lovick Bottle? Rock It! 3
John Lovick On Openers 3
John Lovick The Handsome Jack Lotto presentation for McCombical PredictionInspired by
  • "Lucky Cards" (Roy Johnson, By My Guest Plus!, 1989)
John Lovick They Say It's Your Birthday animated drawing, given out at the endInspired by 17
John Lovick The 100th Dollar Bill Change no thumb tip 25
Joel Givens Bill Display Subtlety hands with bill shown empty while a second bill remains hidden 28
John Lovick Persona and Other Pieces of the Performance Puzzle 35
John Lovick, Bruce Cervon Ten-Card Red Rover with a Black Jack Kicker combo of cards to pocket, six-card repeat, homing cardRelated to 45
John Lovick Buckle Count Tip 46
U. F. Grant Extra Pocket see also footnote 7 47
John Lovick, Helder Guimarães Streamlined Homage Inspired by
  • "Homage" (Helder Guimarães, Red Mirror DVD, 2010)
Unknown Vertical Ascanio Spread 49
John Lovick That's My Ring! borrowed rings appear to be at several places at onceInspired by 53
Unknown Slip Knot with Finger Ring 55
Emile Clifton Clifton's Ring Move 56
Michael Close Ring Switch 58
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring from Ring Box Extraction 59
John Lovick A Dip into Scripture predicting a selected bible verseInspired by 61
Unknown Number Force cards with numbers distributed, two-digit numbers formed and added 64
John Lovick, David Regal Handsome in Love fair elimination process, last remaining card predictedInspired by 69
John Lovick President Handsome riddle/illogicality with bills in which money is spent but apparently everyone, including the spender, walks away with profitInspired by
  • "The Secret" (David Regal, Genii, June 2008)
  • "Borderline Case" (Maurice Fogel, In Search of the Sensational, 2007)
John Lovick Chic Thief pseudo psychometry with drawingsInspired by
  • "Sneak Thief" (Larry Becker, Stunners, 1992)
Larry Becker Peeking a Drawing 86
John Lovick Saint Jack cards with predictions, any selected one becomes true, clown nose sight gag finaleInspired by 99
Unknown Spectator Cuts to the Aces Procedure with three cardsRelated to 103
John Lovick Hand in My Pocket one hand in pocket, selection signed and returned one-handed, appears in pocket in isolated hand, credit information, with four variationsInspired by
  • "Pocket Nightmare" (Max Maven, finally published on Kayfabe DVDs, 2017)
Jack McMillen Production from Pocket top card of deck apparently extracted from pocket 110
Unknown Ultra Move brief 112
Unknown Wrist Turn Peek 112
John Lovick My Dream of Mind Reading blank deck finale, credit informationInspired byVariations 115
Joshua Jay On "My Dream of Mind Reading" thoughts on this and Bob Hummer's "Mindreader's Dream" 117
Anton van Helden On "My Dream of Mind Reading" blank deck finale, thought-of card is only printed oneInspired by 118
John Lovick Houdini Outdone! handcuff escape, linking with spectators armsInspired by
  • "Cuff Links" (Harry Anderson, Wise Guy, 1993)
  • "The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape" (Anthony Lindan, DVD, 2010)
John Lovick The Reparation Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 129
John Lovick Piece by Piece Restorations credit information 129
John Lovick The Reparation Strikes Back Inspired by 143
John Lovick Scripting and Similar Essentials 157
John Lovick Little House on the Scary illustration selected from book appears on slatesInspired by 167
John Lovick Vainfabulation presentation for confabulation routine, no impression or double writingInspired by 175
John Lovick Envelope Load Inspired by 186
John Lovick Eyes Wide Shut card from spectator's blouse to performer's flyInspired by
  • Dan Fleshman (The Very Best Yet!, 1990)
  • "The Risqué Aces" (Jason Randal, Magic for Professionals, 1982)
Sylvan Barnet Back Count three as four counted from deck, first one stolen backRelated to
  • Genii (July 1944)
Pete McCabe Face-Out Ghost Count vertical 192
John Lovick Mutilation & Restoration with Explanation (and Additional Restoration) paper torn and restored, fake explanation with grappler or sock (credit info about Harry Anderson), torn pieces restored as well 199
John Lovick John Lovick 213
John Lovick Handsome Jack 213